Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Beginning of the Babymoon

Lots of changes over the last couple of days.

One of the biggest change-ups in our lives has been the bedtime routine. It used to be: brush our teeth, read, pray, nurse to sleep. I haven't figured out how to nurse 2 kids to sleep at a time, so I thought I'd change up the routine slightly: brush our teeth, read, pray, nurse Margaret to sleep while McKay holds Isaac. Nurse Isaac to sleep. Unfortunately, that was too much change for Margaret. She NEEDS Daddy to be next to her while I nurse her to sleep. I didn't realize how important that was to our routine! Anyway, we didn't get to bed until probably midnight last night. And that "we" means any of us.

Luckily, Isaac only wakes 1-2 times a night- and it's to potty. I successfully caught a poop in the middle of the night last night! Yay ECing! We're not as great about catching pees. His signals are fairly straight forward, though: He is either nursing or sleeping. If he is doing neither of those and is squirming, he needs to go. We've actually had a lot of EC success with him. McKay is really great about always having the bowl near and is better at holding flimsy newborns than I am. And I forgot how much newborns need to go!

As for healing, I prepared well for everything I anticipated. Having the sitz bath and the floravital and drink mixes has meant that everything I struggled with last time have almost been non-issues. It's all the stuff I didn't have last time (hemorrhoids) that I wasn't prepared for! Apparently it's rough on your body to have a nine and a half pound baby shoot through the birth canal in a matter of minutes.

It is so nice to have McKay home. Last time, he was back to school and work on Wednesday. This time he's taking 2 weeks off- and he gets partial pay for the second week! He's allowed to take more time off and get partial pay, but partial pay doesn't pay rent. Someday he'll get real paternity leave, and it'll be nice.

A few people have mentioned that I put McKay's comment "your butt is changing" in the birth story. He said later that the shape of my butt at that point was a lot like it was when I was in labor with Margaret- except it was that shape for HOURS. Margaret's head was very molded and I think she was in the canal for a long time. Isaac just came out, so his head wasn't as molded and McKay got to see that mega change in butt shape in fast motion. There are some youtube birth videos where you can see this if you're interested. It's amazing how much your body can stretch.

I still haven't finished Isaac's baby bonnet. Must finish. Must find time when I'm not nursing. If Isaac's not nursing, then Margaret wants to- or at least she wants my attention. We'll play and sing songs, but it's not very conducive to knitting. Darn these children wanting my attention! It's like I'm their mother or something!

We finally baked the birthday cake last night.

Having a toddler makes engorgement slightly more bearable.

I want to get some nice newborn pictures before Isaac no longer looks like a newborn. And when you have a baby this big, there's a tighter time crunch for that!

Still need to work on the birth certificate thing.

I missed my DMV appointment yesterday- you have to make those appointments a month in advance! And I'm skipping LLL today (gasp!).

It seems like there is so much to do and time is just moving without us. That's ok.


  1. Good luck adjusting to being a mom of two! I'm getting nervous about how our bedtime routine is going to change when the baby arrives. I'm actually relieved that Bug weaned already, though. I think tandem nursing would be more stressful if it was something I felt I -had- to do, rather than something I -chose- to do. (Even though, I probably would have said that I chose it, if Bug hadn't weaned on his own.)

    I'm interested in seeing the "butt change". I just read Baby Catcher by Peggy Vincent (LOVED it!) and she mentions, several times, about a woman's belly curling when she has "pushing" contractions. I was very interested in that visual cue to being at that point in labor.

  2. Is Margaret wanting to nurse more? Asher wants to nurse all the time it seems and doesn't want to eat table food hardly at all. Its a little frustrating. But I'm loving that I'm hardly ever engorged. Its really only in the morning that I feel uncomfortably full. The rest of day is great and I'm not leaking nearly as much as I did when Asher was a baby.

  3. I had an 11lbs 6.6oz baby and he looked like a newborn for the appropriate newborn period ... don't worry, you're not in a race against the clock with that.

  4. I hope the bedtime routine gets easier--I struggle with one kid, I can only imagine how to make it work with two.

  5. Oh, I wish I could take his newborn pictures for you! I would hurry up though. I had an average sized baby and by week three he was getting fat, pimply, and looked totally different. Luckily I got a few shots at one week and did a mini-shoot at two weeks. It's really hard when the photographer is the mother who just gave birth!

    Also, yay EC! I remember when Michael was a newborn he'd spit his pacifier out when he had to go (we had nursing issues, so he used that instead of me). I'm excited to start from birth with our next one.

    Have a wonderful babymoon!

  6. I was getting excited thinking that Emma was near weaning prior to Elias' birth (she was 2y8m when he was born)... it was a bit premature on my part! I swear she nurses more than her brother sometimes! I had to night wean her because she was waking me more than my newborn and between the two of them I felt as though I wasn't sleeping at all - and that is not a pretty sight! ;O)

  7. When you have time, you should email me about how exactly you catch a newborn pooping while they're nursing. I want to do EC next time and I want to start it from the get go. Peanut only pooped while she was nursing when she was a newborn. I actually used to make jokes that she needed to nurse to be able to poop. :-P

  8. I love your sweet candid post on life with two nurslings.

    I'd love to hear more on your journey through ECing your second. And, of course, photos!! That baby is too delicious.



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