Thursday, July 15, 2010


Today's post is brought to you today by: Vanity.

It has been over 3 weeks since I've bitten my fingernails (minus the right pinky- that one's been a week and half).

I know when I started biting my fingernails: I was in second grade, so I was 7 or 8. I've been biting them since.

There have been short interludes of non-biting, the longest being the month before we got married. I don't like fake fingernails, so the only option was to have good looking REAL nails for that. I shaped them, coated them with clear polish, and promptly broke the right thumb nail the day before the wedding while attempting to open a car door in the rain. I'm pretty sure all the rest of the nails were bitten off before the end of the honeymoon.

I had great nails after Margaret was born: being in labor for 44 hours meant I didn't think about biting them. They looked great. Of course, it's hard to manage a newborn with nails, so they were promptly bitten off in the babymoon.

This is officially the longest I've gone since then. I figured that since I'm pregnant, I should take advantage of my fast growing nails and actually buckle down and stop biting them. And it is HARD. The one on my right ring finger is just ASKING to be bit. It's very very very tempting. But I haven't done it.

So I've been good to them for the past 3 weeks. They'll probably get trimmed after the baby comes because I'm clumsy and would leave scratches. I really hope I can break my nail-biting habit, but it's too soon to officially say that I'm over it.

So yes, today I am vain because I have good-looking nails for the first time in months. Maybe I'll keep it up. Maybe I won't. But at least it's documented that I'm not a total failure in attempting to overcome a few of my bad habits.


  1. Like I always say, why use a nail trimmer when you have teeth? Although I am happy that I have gotten to the point that I only bite by nails when they need trimming and can maintain pretty nails for much longer than I did when I was a kid.

  2. This same problem has been plaguing me as well. I am cheering for you!!! I was doing great until we moved last week. One broke so I just HAD to bite the rest to the same length.

  3. Oh man, that is one thing I can't stand...biting nails. I don't care if other people do it, but I've tried it before (to get rid of hangnails and stuff) and it makes me cringe. I always keep my nails short, though. I hate it when they get so long that they feel in the way (of typing, zipping up jeans...when I'm not pregnant, changing diapers, etc.)

  4. Kudos to you on the non-nail biting! Personally, I hate having to bite one to even it out if one breaks and I don't have a trimmer/file on hand. It always seems jagged and catches on stuff until I get a chance to trim it. I've always had strong nice nails and with pregnancy they're super duper strong. Like I'd probably chip a tooth before getting through a handful if I chewed. :p

    My husband battles the nail biting thing. He's been working in keeping them filed super short because that way he's not tempted to nibble.

  5. Why do you have to keep them long as you try to break your habit? It seems to me that since you aren't going for length (no upcoming wedding), maybe using your tool of choice to keep them short would be a good way to remove the temptation to bite. Then as you lose that habit, you can let them go longer. Obviously I don't know the whole story, but I figure it you put it out there, so hopefully my two cents will help!

  6. I'm like Mallory, I don't like biting my nails. Whenever I've had to it resulted in tearing and bleeding. But, my nails are ridiculously strong and rarely break even when they are long. I've been keeping them short since my daugher was born because I worry about scratching her, and I miss my long nails sometimes.

  7. Yeah- once I have the baby, I'll start keeping them shorter. I kind of have a fingernail complex. My fingers are very short and stubby- well, at least I think so. My mom's, though short, are thin and dainty so I grew up comparing my finger to hers, so my much thicker knuckles made me frustrated. When I have longer nails, I feel a little less stumpy and a little more graceful, which is why I'd like to keep them long. Of course, they are just nails and will always grow back. :)

  8. They look nice! I'm a nail bitter too. I don't bite them till they break so sometimes I have nails at all different levels. My nails are horrible. I like the idea of trying to keep them short. But I think it would bother me not to have a long nail or two for opening up plastic things.

  9. I am struggling with the nail-biting habit, myself. I haven't bitten since last Thanksgiving (What?) but I still keep them fairly short just because it's weird to have long nails. I've been biting since I could chew, so every day I go without biting is a victory.

    Congratulations on baby #2! I bet he's a cutie.


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