Tuesday, August 03, 2010

How the Sleep is Going

It had been a while since we had worried much about bedsharing guidelines. At 2, Margaret far past any SIDS worries and at 30 pounds, she can definitely hold her own.

Then we added a newborn to the mix. We went back to making sure pillows and blankets are far enough away from him. We keep tabs on how he sleeps (with the breastfeeding he starts the night on his side) and if he's warm. Maybe it's our room or just being close to us, but Isaac, like Margaret did, tends to get overheated. No pajamas here!

Of course, there's a new rule that didn't apply when we had just Margaret: toddlers are not allowed to sleep next to the baby. I'm used to sleeping by little people and my brain wakes me up if there's a problem, but at the ripe old age of 2, Margaret doesn't have that sense. Right now, Margaret sleeps in between McKay and I while Isaac sleeps on the other side of me. This lets Margaret snuggle with McKay when she needs those snuggles.

There was one night when we made a bed of blankets on the floor at the foot of our bed and Margaret fell asleep there. She thought it was fun. Of course, she climbed back into bed with us a some point in the night. I nurse her twice at night because that's my limit for her right now. Isaac wakes up about twice in the night, too, which is good for him.

Isaac won't sleep well unless someone is touching him. Margaret is like that, too. Often when I nurse her to sleep, she has her leg up on my knee. Because she's older, I can sneak away from her, but Isaac won't allow that. This morning I woke up with his foot touching me. As soon as I moved away, he woke up. In the day, he often falls asleep in my lap, but if I move, he wakes up. This makes knitting difficult. I can read books when he naps as long as I remember to keep them in arm's length.

I'm living on about 7 (nonconsecutive) hours of sleep instead of 8 like I was pre-Isaac. During the first week of his life, it was between 5 and 7 hours. I'm still trying to catch up on that sleep, but I probably can't complain about 7 hours.

Yesterday I was able to nurse Margaret down for a nap. I wasn't sure if I could do it without someone to hold Isaac, but I somehow did. I hope I can do that again today.


  1. God Bless you for writing about this. This topic is my greatest fear about having another baby ... of course, not enough to stop me, but still...

    It's very nice to get a peak at how you're doing it.

    One question for you. I move Elliot to the side of the bed he's nursing from (left breast = left side, etc.) ... I keep wondering how the heck I'm going to NOT do that with two kids in the bed ...

    Do you just lean over some more ... to get the other breast to reach? I've done that a couple of times, but it's not necessarily very comfortable...

  2. When I need to change sides for Margaret, McKay will come over to my side and stay with Isaac. This helps Isaac stay asleep since he needs to be touching someone. Margaret usually only needs a minute to get back to sleep and then we go back to the usual sleeping positions.

    Isaac almost never drains a breast, so I keep him on one side so he has a chance to get hindmilk.

  3. Do you nurse Isaac while laying down? If so, any advice or tips to make it easier.

    I haven't been able to master the laying down while nursing yet; although my little one is not quite 2 weeks. I'm thinking it's an uncoordinated/inexperienced thing on both our parts and hope that as my son gets a little bigger we'll figure it out.

  4. christine t6:28 AM

    Just wanted you to know, I stumbled across your blog on a link from facebook, and I am in LOVE!! So nice to find a another crunchy mormon mom! Keep up the good work.

  5. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Kate-
    I do nurse lying down. With Margaret, it took me 2 weeks and a nightlight to figure it out. I was so engorged that my breast would block her nose and so I didn't really get any rest: I had to hold my breast away from her face so she could breathe! Isaac, on the other hand, is a pro. I haven't had the latch issues I had with Margaret and I haven't had any problems lying down and nursing. It might just be my 2 years of experience, though.

  7. Nursing two while lying down isn't too bad. I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 15 month old. I lie flat on my back and hold one baby in each arm. Their heads rest on my arm/shoulder and my "nursies" point sideways. I have to get the baby situated before the older kid is welcome to join us. It's pretty comfortable. Sometimes I put a pillow under one or both upper arms to get their heads a little higher. I hope this makes sense.


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