Thursday, August 12, 2010


I thought I'd share some links since I don't have any good ideas for blogging at the moment.

First, from WBW last week:

Here's a knitting comic! It's fun.

From the Unneccesarean: Woman Who Didn't Have a Healthy Baby Reflects on the "Healthy Baby" Trope .
From that post:

There is insurmountable criticism toward those who are vocal advocates. Why do they care, anyway? Why can’t they keep their noses out of someone else’s birth experience?

Because they are changed by it and understand what the big deal is. It’s like your best friend who found Jesus. She wants you to know his love; she wants to find others who know the power of faith because it has changed her outlook on life. Women who are vocal advocates want others to feel that powerful, that amazing, and to know the secret: birth is incredible.

On a more somber note, I'd like to share a post from Kayce, a friend of mine on Twitter. A week ago, she lost her son in a second trimester miscarriage. She brought him home from the hospital and spent the weekend crocheting and knitting and preparing to have a private family funeral for him. She has a post about that here, but as a warning, there are pictures of her son in that post. I think that she has been so strong during this time and that asking to bring him home from the hospital and arranging this funeral was probably beneficial to her in this time. If I ever go through that, I think i would want to do something similar. In addition to all of that, when her milk came in, she decided to pump it and is saving it to donate it. She's my hero. Hugs to you, Kayce!

As for myself, the thrush is back. I wasn't very diligent in keeping it at bay. I'm cracking down on this. It's going to be gone NOW. Go go gadget grapefruit seed extract!


  1. Anonymous11:31 AM

    You might also want to find a good pro-biotic. That is what I have been sing for myself and Laine. I open one capsule and put the small end in my hand and give that to her on my finger and then I take the rest myself. I also put APNO on my breasts to help there. Good luck! Hopefully yours and mine will go away for good this time.


  2. I LOVE that quote from the Unneccesarean!

    Keep working on beating that thrush!! It can be very stubborn!

  3. So sorry you have thrush. I can't imagine.
    Love that video.

  4. We are experiencing thrush for the first time here too. This is my fourth child and I'd hoped I'd never see thrush, but here it is... We're doing GSE and probiotics too. Here's to wishing us all well and over the thrush battle.


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