Monday, August 09, 2010

Mountains out of Mole Hills

Over two years ago when I started nursing, the newfound friction on my breasts caused 2 small skin tags to form on one of my areolas. One of those was pulled off soon after it appeared. The other one stayed.

And stayed.

It didn't bother me until recently. To manage tandem nursing, I've started nursing Margaret in new positions we haven't used in a long time- like the football hold. And juggling two kids puts me off balance so she grips me a little tighter. With her teeth. And suddenly the little skin tag was irritated. It got to the point where any bump of my shirt would make it sting.

I came to a realization: I could continue to deal with an irritated skin tag, or I could bite the bullet, grit my teeth, and remove it. At about the size of a poppy seed, it's not something I would need to see a doctor for. I just needed some alcohol, nail clippers, and some gumption.

As I brought the clippers to the tag, I lost my gumption. I couldn't do it. I was going to cut living tissue from its life source and kill it. I have the same moral dilemma when killing spiders: every time I squish one, I imagine its life being snuffed away. And for some reason, I didn't want to snuff the skin tag's life away. Well, I did, but I didn't want to do it. I don't feel this way about earwigs, by the way. Those little buggers need to die.

I enlisted McKay's help, warning him, "I'm going to not want you to do it, and I'm going to complain the whole time, but I promise I'll thank you when it's over. But I'm going to complain the whole time."

So there I was: a blubbering mess- crying even before he got the clippers. It would just be a sting and it would be over, I told myself. Just one sting. If you don't, it'll sting multiple times a day every day and you won't want to nurse from that side. This is a good thing. It'll improve your nursing relationship. It will.

I closed my eyes and waited. It took some time while McKay was being a perfectionist about the ordeal. Suddenly, I felt the sting and yelped. And it was over. McKay apologized for snipping off a little extra skin, I applied lanolin so the little spot on my areola would heal, and I did thank him.

World's biggest wuss: right here.


  1. This had me giggling and cringing at the same time. Mckay you're awesome for doing it!

    I'm so glad you told me about putting lanolin on breast cuts and sores! It really does make them heal faster!

  2. Spiders AND earwigs both need to die... and skin tags... and and and

    yay for feeling better soon!

  3. Biggest wuss? No way. You let someone cut skin off your breast. That's brilliant. You're my hero for today.

    I looove lanolin. Love it. Enjoy healing -- it's better than stinging!

  4. anyone who can tandem nurse is most certainly NOT a wuss! i both admire and am jealous of you.

  5. I just had to google "skin tag". :-P

    Good job Mckay because I'm fairly sure my husband wouldn't be so brave. Actually, good job Heather too because I'm fairly sure I wouldn't be so brave!


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