Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sacrament Meeting 1871

I just wanted to send you all to Rixa's blog today where she has posted a illustration that is currently displayed in the Church History Museum. In the picture, you can see two women nursing.

In addition to Rixa's three points (go read her post!), the picture additionally demonstrates that the Church today is ok with displaying pictures of breastfeeding.

This is timely for me because I think I'll be going back to church tomorrow.

"But Heather!" you ask, "Isn't tomorrow only day 36 of your baby moon?!"

Yes, it is. And I'm still bleeding and all that jazz. But tomorrow our ward is having their fifth Sunday lesson and I think that a Sunday in which I have McKay with me for the whole three hours is a good Sunday to test out Isaac's temperament in church. If we can tag team, it'll be easier. Plus our ward does a luncheon on the fifth Sunday, so free food! And the fifth Sunday lesson is fun: all the new people in the ward introduce themselves. I love this ward.

And of course, in sacrament I'll probably breastfeed unless both of my children feel like fasting during those 70 minutes at noon. It's lunchtime so Margaret sometimes needs to nurse a little. And it's always lunchtime for Isaac.

Our ward does have a room labelled "Mother's Lounge" but I've never seen anyone nurse there; it's more of a cry room. It's a glass room in the back of the chapel so the people inside can not only hear, but see the speaker. I usually see dads with fidgety toddlers in there. There's a couch in the women's bathroom, but I'm not a bathroom nurser. So I guess I'll just do it 1871 style. Old school.


  1. That illustration is seriously cool. BUT tomorrow is the 4th Sunday, not the 5th. Take another week off. :)

  2. I saw that picture this morning---so awesome!

    I don't like the mother's lounge (though it is cool that it's not completely separated from the chapel in your building---and it sounds like you have a really awesome ward---but yeah, I started just nursing Stephen in the chapel after awhile. The Mother's Lounge only had 2 chairs and was more of a chat room than anything else, so I appreciated more just sitting in the chapel to feed Stephen when I had to.

  3. I've never heard of a mother's lounge like that. How interesting.

    Thank you so much for linking to that other blog. Really helps me feel strengthened to see a picture like that one.

  4. Morgan-ing,
    I know tomorrow's the 4th, but our ward moved the 5th Sunday lesson to tomorrow and will do the 4th next week. They are weird that way.

  5. I went to church last Sunday with our infant, and was a little frustrated that he did not want to nurse during sacrament meeting. I was all set to nurse in sacrament, and he waited til I was suppose to be conducting primary. A little harder to nurse standing and in front of a bunch of kids all staring at you.

  6. Speaking of nursing in Sacrament, I read this little bit about nursing in public and had to share. So funny!!

  7. I'm not yet that brave. I enjoy being able to escape to the mother's lounge, even though it's on the far side of our building. Ava is so easily distracted while nursing! I even have to turn off the sound being piped in because anytime a word is spoken more loudly than another or someone coughs she will unlatch and look around for the source.

    That and my husband freaks out a little anytime I nurse in public. He couldn't even watch the day I nursed her in class. Our sunbeams didn't even notice even when she kept unlatching to see what they were doing!

  8. I've heard of "cry rooms" like you described in worship buildings of other faiths, and wished for one like that in ours! I love the fact that you can still see and hear what is happening live, not on a screen, and yet, still tend to less-than-ideally-behaving children! Is that the only "mother's lounge" your building has? It's not very private for those desiring that type of thing.

    I'm a Sacrament meeting nurser too. Although, I've finally taken steps to help Emma, who is now 38 months day wean. She still gets Mama Milk when she wakes up and when she lies down for bed at night, but no more during the day. Eli is now almost 7 months and is getting to that incredibly distract-able age. I very recently decided I didn't care if anyone saw any part of my breast while he is nursing, or popping off at any random moment either. It's made all the difference in the world to let it go! I still try to be "discreet". I don't intentionally flash the whole room, but I don't freak out anymore if he pops off and my boob is left hanging out for a moment before my shirt or Eli recovers me. If I freak out about it, others will be just as uncomfortable or even more so. If it's no big deal to me, it's not likely going to be a big deal to anyone else either.

  9. No matter where you nurse...just go easy on the young guys...the teenage boys. You may be all free with it...but to make them uncomfortable...not cool. You may think that you are the one to enlighten them...and get them used to it...but trust wouldn't won't want others playing that role in your children's lives when they are older.

  10. I don't think it's any more shocking than someone there with radically dyed hair. It might get looks, but that's fine and normal. I don't expect people to not look at all. What's not fine is staring.

    And I don't nurse to enlighten. I nurse to nurse. Enlightening is a secondary benefit.

  11. BekkaCMF7:20 PM

    I have a daughter who is 12. I have thought about how I want my children to learn from other people as well as myself. Yes. Actually, I want other people to make my kids uncomfortable and "enlighten them" to different ways people live. And then come back to mom and dad and ask.their.questions. We have fostered this atmosphere for our whole family's development.

    I want my son (who is 6) to see breastfeeding moms now and when he is 12, 14, 17. Yes, even when he passes the sacrament. It's no big deal.


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