Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spidey Sense

Yesterday was a hot day. After last week's average high of 74, yesterday's high of 101 was a little much. Most of us here spent the day shirtless and in the evening we took turns in the shower cooling off because my babies tend to be sensitive to heat. When we went to bed, we opened every window in the apartment so that the cool air of the night could pour in.

At a quarter to 2, McKay woke me up.

"Heather! There's a woman in labor! Shh! Listen!"

I turned to the open window and waited. Not long after, I heard a woman's moans and then they stopped.

"That does sound like labor."

McKay told me the moans had woken him up. He first thought it was just someone having sex. But the moans came at regular intervals every 5 minutes or so. Having been there, done that a couple of times before, he realized that these sounds weren't orgasm, they were contractions. Our windows weren't letting only the cool ait from the bay, but the primal birthing sounds from a laboring woman.

McKay and I sat on the edge of the bed listening and talking in hushed tones. We talked about Isaac's birth. It's only been 5 weeks and he's already over 13 pounds and 23 inches long. Did he really fit inside me a month and a half ago? And do you remember the sounds I made in labor? We wondered how long our neighbor's labor would be. Should we applaud and proclaim congratulations when we hear a baby's cry?

After a while, we stopped hearing the sounds. Maybe she had stayed home until she decided to go in to a hospital. Maybe the labor died down and she was able to get some sleep. Maybe they closed their windows. McKay and I continued our conversation and then at 2:37 both of us heard a little cry and we ran to the window to see if there were more. There weren't.

It could have been just a cat, we don't know. We didn't hear anything else and I eventually fell back asleep. But before I did, I whispered some happy birthing thoughts out into the darkness.


  1. What a beautiful post!!! I think I'm still high off the birth hormones from my own full moon baby, and just knowing that there are other women out there birthing their own babies just makes me feel all mushy inside (well...that and having just had a baby...that makes me mushy feeling, too! hehe)

  2. Awe that made me cry. That was a very tender and touching post. Happy birthday wishes to them, whoever they are. I love that McKay recognized the sounds.

  3. How awesome is that!

  4. So, I'm dying to know: Did you ever find out where it was coming from? Did you see a cute new baby? I'm so nosy, I would have to restrain myself from spying, lol!

  5. We didn't. And I've been seeing a lot of moving vans lately (we live close to some colleges, so the beginning of the semester means moves) so I wouldn't even know if they are still here! I actually thought the sounds were more distant than McKay thought they were, so it's probably not next door. Of course, I could be remembering my own birthing sounds wrong- but they seemed loud to me!


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