Sunday, August 29, 2010

Week in Review

Remember I'm taking on some personal projects? I want to share my progress in my new ventures, but in order to not take up too much space on my blog, I'm going to post "Week in Review" Posts" on Saturdays. Here's last week's.

I walked twice last week for 70 minutes each time, wearing Isaac in the wrap and pushing Margaret in a stroller. It's a good start. Other than color guard and that one attempt at cross country in junior high, I've never regularly exercised, so this is something of a miracle. This week I have 3 walks scheduled on the calendar, with the possibility of 2 more if I feel like walking up some hills to visit teach and go to ward playgroup.

I knit a turtle.

I've put a couple of books on request at the library and I'll pick them up this week. I'm looking forward to the one on mobiles and kinetic sculpture.

I got a sunburn yesterday. Yay for vitamin D. Boo for rudolph noses.

I mailed our baby announcements. And I wrote up the thank you notes from the baby shower. And I can play piano while wearing a baby.

Thursday was day 40 of my babymoon, so it's officially over. Isaac no longer looks like a newborn and is chunking up nicely. Margaret, while still jealous of how much Isaac gets to nurse, has adjusted to our new bedtime routine.

And McKay sometimes comes home to find me under a pile of sleeping children. As you see, this was the day I was stuffing envelopes with baby announcements.

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  1. That is an awesome picture!

    And yay for playing the piano and nursing! I did that for a really long time with my two year old who wouldn't go to nursery, and no one even realized that she was nursing because she would crawl right up on my lap and latch herself on. That memory still makes me laugh.


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