Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WFMW: Time Out

I don't normally discuss products; I don't want to commercialize my blog. But if I come across something I like a lot I'll mention it. Full disclosure: I did not receive pay or any other compensation for this review nor does the company even know about my reviewing this.

Time Out is a Freeware application for Mac made by Dejal. It's designed for people who have computer-intensive jobs. You can schedule "time outs" during which the program will darken your computer screen and make it so you can't click or type in other windows. The default time outs are 10 minutes long and occur every hour after 50 minutes of time in. You're supposed to get up, get a drink, gossip at the watercooler, and generally take a break from sitting for the past hour. After the 10 minutes are up, the screen brightens and you can go back to work. There are also micro time outs that, by default, are 15 seconds long and occur every 10 minutes. Those are for giving your eyes a break. You can change the length and frequency of any of the time outs to fit your needs and it also gives you the option of postponing or skipping a time out if you are really in the middle of something.

Where does this fit in for me? I'm not exactly their target audience, but I plan on using Time Out to help me get through the next few weeks of my postpartum time, and here's how:

I still need to spend my time resting because I do not want to bleed off and on for 10 weeks like last time. But I do want to start doing small things around the house. These last few weeks I have done nothing: no dishes, no tidying, and only laundry on the days it was needed last week. I wanted to ease back into life by doing some simple tidying this week.

I'm not on the computer all day (I do knitting and reading and nursing babies to sleep), but I do keep the laptop open all day to be able to chat with McKay when needed. So I use the breaks in Time Out for tidying. I have it set to do a 10 minute break every hour. During the break, I'll tidy for 10 minutes. In theory, in the 9 hours that McKay is away, I could get an hour and a half of cleaning in while still resting most of the time! In reality, it's about half that: I'll postpone or skip breaks if we're eating lunch or someone needs me to help them sleep.

I'll admit: it's a glorified egg timer. But I like it. When I'm no longer in my postpartum healing time, I'll probably use it during naps. I think 10 minutes of cleaning every half hour in a 2 or 3 hour nap sounds reasonable. I can read, knit, or whatever else I like for the 20 minute time ins. And if you have a computer addiction, you could set it to give yourself 50 minute breaks and access to the computer only 10 minutes of the hour. It's really flexible!

So that's what works for me right now. Check out what works for more people here.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. I think I NEED this. I have a hard time budgeting my time on the computer and it would be nice to have something that forces me to clean my house or do something else.

    Thanks so much for being wonderful.


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