Sunday, August 01, 2010

World Breastfeeding Week

Happy World Breastfeeding Week! If you are in the States, LLL has a site which lists some events that are going on this month. Also, the LLL of Salt Lake City is having a breastfeeding cafe. I mention that because when I was in Utah, I went once and it was fun. It was actually a treat: I had flown back into Salt Lake from a trip and when McKay picked Margaret and I up from the airport, he surprised us with going downtown to the cafe!

Unfortunately, I get to start off my breastfeeding week with thrush. Isaac has had it on his tongue for over a week and I didn't recognize it because I assumed it was just milk cheese. Yesterday, I started feeling the stingy feelings in my breasts and I connected the two. I have never dealt with thrush personally until now, so I wasn't good at recognizing the symptoms. Yes, nursing has been uncomfortable, but I figured that was due to the sudden increased usage of my breasts with the new baby. And despite the pain of nursing, it's not as bad as it was during some points of my pregnancy, so it didn't bother me. To be honest, I'm more worried about clearing it up in his mouth than I am about clearing it up for me. Of course, I have to treat both of us in order to beat it, I just worry about him.

And sadly, our attempts to acquire gentian violet last night were thwarted by the fact that our local Whole Foods doesn't carry it. And I'm going to cut out sugar from my diet, which is sad because McKay was planning on making me another carrot cake. Our CSA has given us quite a lot of carrots this summer; I guess we'll just have to freeze them instead.

I feel awful that Isaac has had this for over half his life and I didn't notice. I've read that thrush can be related to gassiness and fussiness and I kind of feel guilty for not doing something about this sooner. He has been gassy in the evenings- but I figured that was usual evening gassiness. It still could be, but now I wonder if it's related.

On the other hand, it's probably a good thing I get to have personal experience with thrush. I'll be able to better help other women when they have the same problem.

Oh well. Happy World Breastfeeding Week!


  1. I've just finished a 2 1/2 month bout with thrush... ironically, it ended after I stopped my no-sugar diet. Weird. Whatever.

    I found genetian violet at a small local pharmacy in Orem... I don't know what things are like in California, but maybe checking a pharmacy is a better bet.

  2. I found my gentian violet behind the counter at a local pharmacy. I think some of the bigger chains like CVS have it as well, but I do believe you have to ask for it. Maybe give a few around you a call and see if they have it. I had thrush a few months back and found it very effective, although when people say it's "messy," that doesn't half do justice to it. Especially with nursing Margaret, you are going to have a real challenge keeping the purple stains off everything...speaking of which, you should probably treat her too, though from what I understand, if you treat one (baby's mouth or nipples) then nurse, you're effectively treating both.

  3. Also, it's funny what you say about now being able to help other women with thrush--that was the exact thought that occurred to me when I got it as well!

  4. Katie- Thursh was the one really common problem that I hadn't experienced yet. I've had mastitis multiple times and feel really comfortable talking about it, but I have always felt awkward trying to give advice about thrush because I didn't have personal experience. However, even now, the thrush isn't really bothering me. It's all in Isaac's mouth and on the back of his throat and uvula, but it's not very painful on my end. Well, it's very intermittent. The stingy pains haven't been as strong or often today. It's kind of weird.

    Margaret's mouth is clear so far. She's been eating lots of sugars lately, too, though. Her diet has mostly been breastmilk. Ever since my milk has come in, she has stayed amazingly hydrated. :)

  5. If you are in a part of California that has Rite Aids, they can get it for you from their warehouse. It can take a day, but they can order it. Just ask at the pharmacy.

    I had thrush on and off during tandem nursing year one. It was rough. It never really bothered us much though. I used the GV when I would get itchy feet (that usually meant it was bad) and it would subside, but never go away completely. The second year of TNing it was gone completely.

  6. I've gotten it over the counter twice in the last few years here in CA. I believe I got it at at Walgreens and Walmart but I've also seen it at Safeway. I remember that it was in an unusual spot when I saw it but I can't remember where, but it is usually with the athlete's foot medicines.

  7. Try Grapefruit Seed Extract. Dr. Jay Gordon has a great article on his site for how to dillute it. I've heard it is more effective than Gentian Violet, and doesn't stain everything it touches :).

  8. I forgot completely about World Breastfeeding Week this year! I guess because I don't currently have a nursling.

    Good luck getting rid of the thrush. I had it once, and had to treat for it three times! (Even though I've had experience with thrush, I still don't feel like I can give much advice about it!)

  9. I second what Liz said. I use GSE and have never had thrush last in either me or a child more than two days. And Connor literally had those cottony mounds of yeast growing in his mouth. Nasty stuff. It does not taste good, even diluted, and you have to be really on the ball about the every 1-1/2 hours while you are awake (that's the lifecycle of yeast), but it's worth it.

    I also used it for the 2 times I've had mastitis, and drop some in juice for the kids and the husband whenever we get sick. You can add it to homemade cleaners - just a few drops - and even diaper washes. It's extremely handy and we're never without it. Antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral.

  10. This isn't thrush related, but any advice on leaky breasts for a new mom? I nurse on demand, but frequently right before the next feeding find I've soaked a breast pad, my bra and shirt. Not a big deal while I'm at home - although the added laundry from multiple shirts in one day has me going without the majority of the day - but leaving the house for any length of time without looking like I just poured something down my front is difficult.

  11. Oh leaky breast! I'm dealing with that, too. You can use cabbage leaves in your bra for engorgement, but it does affect supply so don't use them all day. Of course, if you have ample supply, that might be welcome.

    As your body gets used to the demands of your baby, it should regulate on its own eventually. Of course, I leaked for months, so "eventually" couldn't come soon enough. I don't really have much advice except keep changing the breast pads. I eventually just gave up and accepted the fact that I would be wet.

    If you wear your baby, the carrier might be able to hide visible leakage. I kind of depend on my wraps to hide my wetness.


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