Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pop Quiz

Quick! You finally got both kids to sleep for an afternoon nap, but you have only 20 minutes until the small one will start stirring. What do you do?

A) Exercise! You didn't get a walk in, so you were going to do yoga in your "free time."
B) Read- Book Club is Tuesday night (take notes so you can contribute to the discussion) and you are also gathering quotes for this project. It's like having homework all over again. Oh, and you need to finish those library books before they're due.
C) Knit! You have deadlines. There's that baby shower, baby blessing outfit, and now four Christmas stockings.
D) Do the dishes, fold the laundry, or tidy up.
E) Get a small nap in because you've been up since 4am. And unfortunately, everyone else in the house was asleep, so you can't blame the babies.
F) Blog/catch up on the posts in your RSS reader/Twitter, etc.
G) Personal journalling/Art projects

That's why this blog has been less active lately. It's just non-stop, and when I do get things done, it happens at a slower pace because Isaac is usually in a sling or wrap.

I did go walking a few times last week. Wednesday morning I had a meeting for some volunteer work so I walked down to the lake and back. Walking to the park Friday was a good workout too.

As for family things, we finally got a couch! And we bought some Margaret-sized chair for her table. And we failed at making pao de queijo.


  1. My husband and I like to read aloud to each other while the other gets something done. It's lots of fun and I end up getting tons more reading in that way. He will read to me while I clean or I'll read while he cooks or something. Of course, it only works if the two of you want to read the same book! Mckay can read while you knit, blog, or exercise maybe? Just a thought.

  2. My problem, is I get so overwhelmed with all the possibilities of what I could do in that little window of time, that by the time I've decided, the window of time is gone. =(

  3. I tried to make pao de queijo once and it didn't turn out. at all. Then I discovered that Macey's sold it in a nice little Yoki box and I only had to add eggs and water (or milk?) And it turned out lovely. So I still have no idea how to make it from scratch, if that's what you're going for, but maybe there's a grocery store that sells it out there.

  4. We used to do the mixes too, but I couldn't find them out here. Believe me: I looked! A friend of mine offered me a different recipe- her mom's. I guess I'll have to try again.


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