Friday, September 17, 2010

The Wonder Wash Cont.

It's been over a couple of weeks since my Wonder Wash review. I thought I'd update on how it's going.

I have woken up every morning (except for a couple that McKay did it) to do a load. It is still taking about 30 minutes to do it all- counting time to let it drain between rinses and to fill it up for rinsing and for spinning it. While it drains, I usually wash dishes, and get distracted, so I'm not being very on top of the wash. If I were more attentive it would probably be like 20 minutes.

After a week, the diapers were smelling like ammonia again. We had gotten rid of all those smells when we switched to Rockin' Green, so this was a bit discouraging. Ammonia means we aren't getting them rinsed thoroughly. It might be because I kept forgetting to put vinegar in the rinse (I remembered like 3 times, but that was it).

To combat this, we occasionally do 3 rinses instead of 2. We put a white bowl under the drain spout so we can see if the water is clear or not instead of just letting it go down the drain.

We have also started soaking the diapers over night. In the day, we use a dry pail diaper method, but over night, we fill up the bathroom sink and add a little detergent and let the diapers soak. We're hoping this will limit the ammonia smell. It's been working so far. Since I do diapers first thing in the morning, soaking them overnight works for us.

We'll keep going with this. It's a little more work, but we save our quarters! And some of the old Bum Geniuses are old and on their last leg. Washing them this way will keep their life in them for a little while longer. Of course, we still have all the cute longies and soakers I've made, so if they do die, the world won't end.

Also in the diapering realm: we used some grandparent money to buy a Baby Bjorn potty! So happy! And we'll buy a diaper sprayer with a gift card we got for Isaac. Buying all these fancy diapering things feels a little indulgent, but it's fun and we have to spend the money on Isaac anyway.


  1. I love my diaper sprayer! Also, I have a couple potties I got from IKEA that are just the right size. I recommend them as a less expensive alternative to baby Bjorn.

  2. Arual, how much is the potty from IKEA? The baby Bjorn is only $10 - the last time I price-checked, anyway. I think that is pretty cheap for a potty. It's cheaper than all the standard potty chairs anyway. Does the one from Ikea have a special name to recognize it by?

  3. We got the big Baby Bjorn potty- it was something in the $20s. We also have an Ikea potty for Margaret and it's something like $3 or $4. I just really wanted the big fancy Baby Bjorn. Me and my materialism. :) I'm working on it.

  4. I'm still adjusting to diaper washing. There' a weird smell they get after they're dried. Not ammonia, more like wet dog. So we're trying different things too. Nice to know what works and what doesn't.

  5. I've really appreciated having the baby bjorn little potty for my daughter as it seemed more comfy for her than the Ikea potty her big brothers use. I imagine as she ages and can get herself there that it will be less of an issue on which potty to use.


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