Monday, October 18, 2010

The Week Without Toilet Paper

Two weekends ago, we ran out of toilet paper. I instantly saw this as a great way to introduce family cloth!

Family cloth is when you use cloth in place of toilet paper. We use cloth wipes on Isaac's bum so we had a bunch stored up.

McKay isn't on board with using cloth, so he dug out the paper napkins we bought during our move for when we didn't want to do laundry or dishes. But Margaret and I used family cloth.

I think cloth is softer and more efficient than toilet paper. I feel cleaner using the cloth. After we use the cloth, we put them with the used diapers and wash them together so they get the tea tree oil treatment. Nice clean cloth for our nice clean bums.

On Friday we ran out of the paper napkins. so McKay had to use the cloth. Also there was some experimentation with using the diaper sprayer as a bedet.

In the end, McKay can't wrap his head around using cloth, so he has resolved to buy toilet paper after work today. I told him he's "cutting down the forests of the world and wiping his butt with them" but I don't think he "gets it."

Because I loved the cloth (so soft! so clean!) I'm going to continue using it for Margaret and me. Maybe McKay will come around sometime. At the very least, our toilet paper usage will be less overall and we'll have saved a few trees.

Seriously, try family cloth. It's awesome.


  1. I had read that family cloth is used mostly for urine, and not so much for actual #2. Any thoughts? I've been tempted to try family cloth but my mother (whom we are currently living with) is a little affronted by the idea.

    She was grossed out when I first began cloth menstrual pads too, though. She's a nurse at a hospital and deals with a lot of disposable materials because bodily fluid are just so "unsanitary."

  2. I know how you can get McKay to switch to cloth! Get an old Sears catalog and tell him that you are going "OLD old school" or even better, corn cobs. I am sure he would be overjoyed to use cloth after that lovely experience!

  3. We love family cloth too! So much cleaner. Jorge won't use it either, but he doesn't use much toilet paper ;)

  4. I used cloth after Willow was born, and it was a joy and a pleasure:)

    I think I could train Eve into using it, and I already use cloth wipes on Willow when she uses the potty... but I have the same issue... there's no way Nick will try it!! Maybe I should take the same tack and have him buy loo roll if he wants it :D

    Go you xxx

  5. My husband won't do family cloth either. He uses some excuse about how they didn't flush toilet paper on his mission and it was gross, yadda yadda. But, we use cloth I really don't see the difference. I think I will start using our cloth wipes for myself (the hubby won't even know, we keep the diaper pail in the bathroom, so it will be easy to hide! lol.)

  6. I also used cloth (not right now for various reasons, but will, again, soon!). I, too, loooooved it! And, when I was married, my husband wouldn't do it, either.

    We are all statistic normalities! lol

    Keep on keepin' on, my sista!

  7. I threw out this idea to my husband before--just in passing. I agree with the commenters who said they would try it for the ladies of the house for pee only. Me peeing uses 80-90% of the toilet paper in this house anyways I'd imagine. So that would still be a huge cutback on the amount we're using. I'm sure you're familiar with the arguments on the other side as well--that washing wastes water. The problem, of course, being that only one kind of water comes from our faucets--drinking water. So people do their laundry and water their lawn and wash their cars with drinking water. That is environmentally costly as well.


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