Wednesday, October 06, 2010

WW: Exploratorium Babywearing

Exploratorium trip this morning.
Isaac in the mei tai:

Isaac in the sling:
What? Doesn't everyone bring two different carriers on the same outing? That sounds normal to me!

Happy Babywearing week!


  1. What kind of sling is it? I'm in the market for babywearing items and I could use suggestions! (I'm pretty sure I don't like Moby wraps - too much hassle and too much fabric. I have used one when babysitting and it was frustrating.)

  2. The brand is "Hug a Monkey." They sell relatively inexpensive pouch slings.

  3. Hmm, I haven't had much luck with my hug-a-monkey... nor the ring slings my sister makes herself. I'm all about even distribution of weight, and I can't seem to get that from a sling.

    I'm glad someone gets good use of them though!

  4. I had no idea it was an official week! I need to get clued into an "awareness" calendar or something.

    I love babywearing. I've already moved on to my ring sling from my moby style wraps, and he's only two months! It seems weird. But my neighbor with a collicky baby has made good use out of them.

    I didn't know the mei tai worked for that age. Good to know. I'm thinking of getting one, but wondered if my long wraps would really work just as well for putting him on my back at some point. The mei tai seems simpler and lighter though. Do you have experience with both?

  5. cc- I do have experience with both. I tried the mei tai when Isaac was smaller (maybe a month?) and it was too big for him. He had a hard time wrapping his legs around me. But at 2.5 months now, he is over 15 pounds and a very good sized baby, so it works. I like the wrap for small babies and he's too big now for my knit wrap (too heavy and stretches it too much), but is still a good size for my woven wrap. I'm a little out of practice with putting a baby on my back, but I need to re-learn! I would get a lot more done if I had him on my back.

  6. I take my wrap and a sling everywhere now... it just makes more sense... if we're on a long walk the wrap is best, but if she wants to be up and down walking, the sling works... love babywearing :D

    Oh, and I saw the photos on your personal blog and just thought, MY GOODNESS -- hasn't Margaret got big/old in the last month or so!! What a beautiful little girl you have!!

  7. I used my Mei Tai when Eli was newborn. When they are too small to wrap their legs around you you just "frog" their legs, much like in a sling or pouch and make sure to wrap your straps around the sides closing the "gaps" on the sides so as to keep baby secure. Words really complicate things. It's quite easy and safe to wear a tiny new baby in a Mei Tai. I, personally, prefer a wrap for newborns because of their total security - it just "feels" better. In fact, I prefer a long wrap over all other carriers at whatever age/size because of their extreme versatility. A Mei Tai (or ring sling/pouch, which I've never felt comfortable with) is faster usually for short in-and-out-of-cars errand running, etc. I hear for up-and-downs, in-and-outs a ring sling or pouch can't be beat. I've just never been able to master the art of adjusting the ring slings and I have as of yet to get a pouch that fits. :(

    Happy babywearing all! :O)


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