Monday, November 08, 2010

Captain Planet

They showed us films of landfills and gave us lessons on reduce, reuse, recycle for Earth Day. I was 8 and came home from school insisting that we recycle. It didn't happen and I was pretty sure my parents hated the earth.

A year later each student was given a tree to take home and plant for Arbor Day. Mine died under the care of a neglectful bishop while we were out of town. It was a Maple tree.

After we moved to the Chicago area, I joined the elementary school's recycling club. We just gathered up the paper from each classroom's recycling boxes, but I felt like I was doing something, even though I was basically providing the school with free custodial labor.

After that, I didn't do much. The environment wasn't really on my radar. Yes, in Provo, I gathered our recycling and drove it to the recycling drop-off. We slowly incorporated other less footprint-ridden practices like No 'Poo, cloth diapering and EC, family cloth, and our CSA box.

But I want to do more.

I read the new book Hope Beneath Our Feet, full of essays from various environmentalist writers. I loved the essays about the small things we can do and was inspired about the big things that people have done. Then, fellow blogger, The Organic Sister started her new Sustainable Baby Steps site. Another friend showed me this link about Berkeley's EcoHouse. Meanwhile, my gospel study kept bringing me back to the earth and caring for it.

The Universe has been telling me something. And I've caught caught the bug. I've been actively choosing non-meat meal options more often. Our family milk consumption has gone from a quart a week to about a cup a week (it used to be 3 gallons a week before we had kids!) I'm walking more. I've stopped the junk mail. In my Being the Change post, I mentioned growing a tree from a seed because that's been on my mind. There are a couple of organizations out here that I'd like to investigate as possibilities for environmental volunteerism. Yay for living near Berkeley!

I really want to make sure us humans will be able to live here without depleting our resources. It's guaranteed that the earth will be around for a few more million years- but will we?

Is the environment on your radar? If it is, what have you been trying? And you do remember this theme song, right? (skip to 1 minute)


  1. Where is this recycling drop off? We don't get recycling trucks in our trailer park and it's driving me nuts to throw away all this recyclable stuff. I've pondered taking it over to my brother's house, but unfortunately being a bother with it has stopped me. I'd love to be able to just drop it off at a recycling place!!

  2. I loved Captain Planet as a kid. He was cool.

    I've always had that sense of environmental responsibility, too, and have wondered why some people's brains don't seem to register it.

    As far as religious thinking on the topic...I have wonder if, during the Millennium, if we're going to be commanded to clean up the earth. How else is it going to return to it's former glory? I kind of doubt that God is going to just make all the garbage go away without any effort on our part. We have to take care of what we've been given!

  3. I've never seen Captain PLanet. I was looking at the credits: Lavar Burton, Whoopi Goldberg, Tim Curry? How have I never seen this before?!

  4. i wish i was as altruistic as you primary reasons for reduce/reuse/recycle-ing are financial. it's cheaper. and when my kids were in diapers (many, many moons ago) it seemed ridiculous to generate a mountain of disposables when washing a couple loads a week was WAY cheaper and plus, you never run out! that was also my reason for nursing.

  5. I realized recently that while I try to live a sustainable lifestyle, it kind of goes out the window when it's inconvenient. Like, say, I forget my reusable bags when I go to the store, or it's really raining and I don't want to walk my daughter to kindergarten.

    Now, I'm willing to accept inconvenience. If that means eating leftovers to avoid wasting food, or picking something up from the store because I won't have anything to carry it in, or getting rained on, so be it. Change isn't always convenient.


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