Monday, November 01, 2010

Inquisition Monday

Lisa asked, "What are you fave carriers for babywearing?

Oh I like them all. It really depends on what my needs are at the moment.

If I'm running errands and I need to get in and out of the car quickly, I like the sling. I also use the sling a lot at home because I can put him down easily if he falls asleep: I just need to lie him on the bed and slide myself out of the sling.

If I'm going for long walks, I like the wrap. That includes big outings like the museum. If I'm going to be up and about for a long time, having a two-shoulder carrier is really nice.

I have been using my mei tai for a few trips, but only because he's big (16+ pounds). If he were smaller, he wouldn't be able to wrap his legs around me. Sure, I could fold his legs up like a frog, but I'd worry he would slip out the bottom. For more about which baby carriers I've found useful at different ages, go here.

I like my pouch sling for church because it can fold up really small. Most of my bag is devoted to things for entertaining a 2 year old, so space is important!

I like back carries for working: I can bend over in them and the baby isn't in the way. Isaac zonked out this morning while I was doing dishes. I needed to tuck his head in.

For starters, I would recommend a wrap because that seems to be what most newborns prefer. Plus, they are warm and with winter coming, that's a wonderful benefit. I wasn't able to get a good fit in a ring sling until I learned how what a good fit in a well-fitted pouch sling felt like. Well-fitted is important for pouch slings. Because they can't be adjusted, the fit is essential.

I hear that the Ergo is awesome, but I haven't tried it yet. The cost frightens me and since I already own so many carriers, I don't really need one.

Don't worry about it being complicated. I find that whenever I warn people, "Oh- it took me a while for me to get the hang of that," about anything (knitting, babywearing, nursing in public, etc.) the person takes to it like a fish to water and leaves me in the dust. I think I have a hard time being human in general.

Everyone- share your favorite carriers!


  1. I really love the moby style wrap for comfort in the beginning, but I'm surprised how fast I switched to the ring sling this time. And I'm thinking of trying a knotted style wrap for back carrying. My sister got a beautiful one made of fabric by women in Guatemala that seems to work well and stay tight.

  2. I could have written this post. I do the same stuff with my carriers. (And I make my own carriers, because I think all the commercial ones are way to expensive!) But, I really want to buy a woven wrap. Or maybe a really nice rebozo. Gee, if only I had all the money in the world....

  3. I've been using my Mei Tai a lot this time around (could be because of the mula I shelled out for it). However, last time I preferred my wrap (homemade). Maybe I just need to make a different one to see if a new pattern/color would get me using it more often again. (Who doesn't love a new carrier?)

    As for security with a little one and a Mei Tai, if you are tying the waistband first with the square part hanging down in front of your legs, when you put baby in and pull it up, it forms a very secure pouch. It does a "u" under baby's legs/feet. And if you are crossing (or tying depending on length of straps) your straps at baby's back, you "close" the side openings making a Mei Tai very secure for little frog-babies. :O) I personally, still prefer a wrap for wee stages though.

    After rereading that it sure does sound a lot more complicated than it is. A picture or two would be so much easier to understand! :o)

  4. I've already shared mine, but let me do it again. I started with a ring slingat about two weeks, and found it to be the easiest to use for myself. I still use it occasionaly for shopping at 1.5 yrs when my daughter wants it.

    I tried the bjorn, but it hurt my back. However, my husband loved it. I think he has a stronger upper back so it didn't hurt him. He also occasionally, wore her on his back in a Nigerian style: long piece of cloth wrapped about him and baby, tucked and rolled on his chest to hold it in place. Later I moved on to the Ergo for long outings and whenever I needed a back carry.

    Wraps look so nice, but I am totally intimided by them. I don't trust my ability to tie them securely. I could never get the Nigerian style wrap feeling secure either.

  5. I love my mei tai! I also love my ring sling. Baby wearing doesn't have to cost money, I've made my own ring sling and wrap, both only cost me around $3. I was given the mei tai, but I could have made it.

  6. I tried mei tais, wraps, and a few other slings, but the one my baby and I ended up liking the best is a podaegi (Korean blanket-carrier). The only online tutorials I ever saw only showed how to do a low-back carry, but you can do front (facing in or out), high back, and hip carries as well. Plus, it doubles as a blanket! One less thing to carry in the diaper bag. . .

  7. Definitely a wrap. They literally take pounds off the weight of your baby. And they are versatile.

    Pouches are the no-brainer sling. Pop it on, pop baby in.

    Ring slings are trickier, but I like that they are adjustable.

    The mei tai is great for front and back carries. I still use mine with my 28 month old.

    I wish I had a soft structure carrier like the Ergo. I would be more apt to take it places that the mei tai, because there are no long ties and if my son wants out, I can just wear it like an empty backpack instead of carry it around (I guess you can wear any sling without a baby in it, but this type just seems like it would be less fussy than a mei tai for popping in and out.)

  8. I have no children of my own but, I spend lots of time with a few friends with small ones under age 2 and I have loved their ergo carriers when I take a turn. Usually I am the only one without a child so I act like an extra and step in when someone is losing steam. That ergo was a great investment for those friends who bought it.

  9. I like a wrap best for little babies and the ergo for when they get bigger.
    I have a pouch and ring sling. I prefer the pouch. It folds up so small, can easily be stashed in a already full bag and it is convenient to slip on for quick trips.

    I would like to get a woven wrap this time. The two I have are both different materials, one very stretchy, great for tiny baby, and one less stretchy. I think a woven one would make carrying a larger baby/child much easier.


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