Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Adieu, Hulu.

Remember my letter to For a while I was content with giving a thumbs down every time I a saw a Nestle commercial on there, so I kept watching. Lately, though, Nestle has gotten sneaky.

I could no longer thumbs them down. All the other commercials would have the option to say if you like them or not, but not Nestle. It got really bad the other day: Hot Pockets, Stouffers, Lean Cuisine, all in a row. And I couldn't thumb any of them down. Oh, and an Enfamil commercial showed up in the middle of it all (which I did thumb down). And that was all in one sitting.

So I looked up the connection, and apparently, Nestle has their own freaking hulu page (I went ahead and gave them 1 star).

So now I'm at a loss. I really enjoy watching our shows on the weekend after they show up in our hulu queue. But now, my awesome "I live in America so I get to watch TV on the Internet" benefits are sell outs.

So I'm just going to have to wait until 30 Rock shows up on Netflix next year. And we'll just have to order the DVD of The Office later.

Sorry, hulu. I'm not watching you any more. Stop killing babies and maybe I'll reconsider our relationship. Maybe.

Off to write a couple more letters...


  1. Try and or

  2. Since we live in Canada Hulu was never an option. We just dl the shows. I guess that's dishonest, but hey if they're on a major network you could always jerry rig a wire coathanger into an antennae and pick them up for free anyway...

  3. Most of the network shows that you can watch on Hulu you can watch directly on the network website. Just go to to watch 30 Rock.

  4. it's a good thing you aren't extreme...

  5. Katrina- My husband reminded me of that! Huzzah! Also, thanks Abigail for the other recommendations. :)

    Kimberly- Be thankful you're in Canada. Now that hulu is dripping in evil, there's no reason to be in America. :)

    Linda- I think the conclusion of that post was that I am extreme. And that I'm ok with it. I'm extreme in my Nestle Boycott, for sure. I think we all should be extreme in boycotting Nestle.

  6. Tell me of this killing babies business, please. I feel like I must be under a rock ...

  7. That was a little off the cuff (a lot off the cuff) and referring to Nestle's WHO Code Violations And Hulu, partnering with Nestle would share in some of that responsibility- as they let Nestle advertise on their site.


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