Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby Foods

Isaac is 6 months old. This is exciting because introducing new foods to a baby and seeing their reactions is fun. I like the ideas of baby-led weaning because my babies can eat what we're eating and there's no extra work or money involved. I don't have to puree any foods and I don't have to buy baby foods. Easy peasy!

Now, there were a few issues- Isaac doesn't have teeth yet. He doesn't quite have his pincer grasp either. Nor do I think his tongue-thrust reflex has totally gone away. But because Margaret had started foods at six months and had no problems, and I assumed they both have similar genetic make-ups, I decided to ignore all that. Was my mom-sense which was telling me to wait? Yes. Did I listen? No. This is what happened.

Last week, I gave Isaac a slice of avocado to try. I think he might have gotten a pea-sized amount in his tummy. Maybe. I also let him try some rice. I don't think he got any in his tummy.

Then the banana. I handed him half a banana and let him have at. Five minutes later, he had thrown up all over the floor and himself. So maybe he wasn't ready.

Then, oh then! The next day I found blood in his stool. And then again. And then again- 3 poops in a row had blood. Banana did not agree with his system at all. I was feeling terrible for causing him so much pain.

I really should have waited until his tongue thrust reflex was gone. And he had the pincer grasp. And teeth. His system was not ready for new foods AT ALL.

So we're back to breastmilk only for him. I'm ok with this as it's more fun now that he can crawl and find my breast on his own; I can see he does really want it! Last night, I gave him a carrot and a celery root slice to teethe on, but since he doesn't have teeth yet, he's not ingesting any of them, just tasting them. I think that's a good start. He seems to like both so far.


  1. I decided with my next child I am going to pay more attention to when the baby seems to be ready, rather than assuming it will be at six months. Some babies are ready earlier and some later. Some much later. And it doesn't matter whether they are are siblings--they will be different.

    With Michael we started food at six months because that was the standard, but I think he was ready earlier. But he didn't have any teeth until he was 11 months old! But then, he only ate tiny bits of food. So yeah, I think you've just gotta go with your instincts and follow baby's lead as much as possible.

    Sorry to hear about the unpleasant experience. :(

  2. I've heard/read recently (don't rightly know if it's true tho) that even when babies get their first teeth, they still use their gums where their molars would be to "chew" up their having teeth doesn't really matter to start eating. Caleb still has no teeth but he's eating all right - even chunky stuff and cheerio-like cereal. So you can still try again later when he's showing signs of readiness even if he doesn't have teeth. ;)

  3. Poor Isaac! when I found out about the twin's milk allergy I felt horrible that I caused them pain! Unintentional or not... Hugs to Issac. you're a great mama though so don't beat yourself up too much (easier said then done right?) :)

  4. Gizmo has shown so much interest in food, but he isn't 6 months yet, so I've been holding off. I want to follow his lead, but he's not I know I don't -need- to give him other foods. The first foods are more about texture and taste, right? I'm afraid of doing him more harm in giving him foods earlier than waiting until he is 6 months. (And if he is interested now, then he'll probably be really ready in another month!)

    Sorry you had a rough time with Isaac! (I hope banana goes fine with Gizmo when we try it, because my husband works for Chiquita. We get free bananas every week! lol)

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  6. see my post yesterday on this exact topic. :)

  7. We started my toddler on solids much earlier than my older two because I was having trouble producing milk while pregnant (and WAY sick), but she had a lot more digestive issues (poop burned holes in her bum), so with the baby now we're waiting a lot longer. He's only 5 months and doesn't seem to be where Isaac is at yet (Isaac is an early crawler!) so I think it will be a while before he really needs solids. My goal is 8 months, but if he seems ready before I'll let him try stuff. I do like skipping baby food and going straight to what we're eating. I also really want to keep the breastmilk only poop going for a while longer ;)

  8. Yeah, I agree with what the others have said about teeth. I cut my first tooth at 13 months; that would have been a long time to wait! Pretty sure I was ready long before then.

    With my own son, he wasn't much into nursing. We were dealing with strike after strike when he was four and five months old. Eventually he was nursing okay again, but way behind in weight gain and my milk supply wasn't what it could be (and he wouldn't nurse extra to make up for it). It was only when I started baby-led weaning at six months that he started finally growing and not looking skinny. Sure, he had no teeth, but I think he was ready. He was reaching for my food constantly; absolutely could not be distracted with a spoon. Finally I just let him dig some of my stew out of my bowl, and he was happy.

    I started mainly with meats, because these are more readily digested by the enzymes a baby has ... even now at nine months, peas come out just the same as they went in. :P Egg yolk and avocado are nice too, but most veggies, he's still not ready for. Luckily he now nurses a lot more than he used to and is content with a couple of small meals a day.

    I think the instinct talks louder than anything else. You kind of have a feeling of what the child is ready for.


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