Monday, January 24, 2011

Inquisition Monday: Twitter Version

This week, I got two questions from Betttina on Twitter.

@TopHat8855 Inquisition Monday: #newborn #cosleeping How was it different with DS than with DD? Inquiring minds want to know! #pregnant #23w

Good question! First, bedsharing has been different because there is not only one child in the bed; there are two. I'm up more in the night because I have to switch sides- whereas with only one child, I could stay on one side for a few hours. I sleep between Margaret and Isaac and I haven't quite figured out how to nurse two children while lying down.

As for the sleeping arrangement itself, we started with Margaret between me and McKay and Isaac on the outside of me. That worked well until Isaac started being mobile. Since Isaac is now a crawler, we have moved him to the middle and moved Margaret to the outside. McKay likes this because it means he doesn't get peed on if she wets the bed. I like it because it means that the bald spot on Isaac's head gets a rest and the side of his head that is full of hair gets more rubbed off on. I don't think the kids themselves have a preference.

Another change in our sleeping arrangement has been our apartment. When Margaret was a newborn, we had a studio apartment. The heater was in the one room and I found that Margaret would get really warm between us. This led to us never using pajamas for her. We now have a 2 bedroom apartment and the heater is in the kitchen, so the bedroom is pretty cold. Isaac and Margaret now wear pajamas because of that. But with 4 in the bed, I do find myself being a little too warm. Both of the kids like to snuggle me and it's quite an accomplishment if I can get out of bed in the morning without waking them.

We also have to stagger their bedtimes and naptimes. What has worked best for me is to nurse Isaac to sleep or get him almost-not-quite-to-sleep and then nurse Margaret to sleep. If I try it the other way around, I get Isaac crawling on Margaret and that just doesn't help.

I think Isaac is a heavier sleeper at night; he can go longer without nursing. But for his naps, he's the lighter sleeper. One day last week, I had to go lie down with him twice to get him back to sleep during his nap. Margaret didn't wake at all.

Next question!
@TopHat8855 Inquisition Thurs! How'd you drink your chlorophyll? Mine says to mix w/ water/juice, but, um, it doesn't stay down. #pregnancy

Ooh liquid chlorophyll. Definitely not the tastiest, but it wasn't the worst either. I just took a spoonful and swallowed as fast as I could. I didn't bother mixing it with anything. I sometimes followed that up with water. I found Floravital/Floradix to be surprisingly sweet, so that was also a follow-up. If its taste is too much, I might try putting it in a smoothie. Any of my readers have any suggestions?


  1. I mixed my liquid chlorophyll with about an oz. of juice and chugged it. I found that cranberry masked the flavor better than other juices. Good Luck!

  2. Interesting, but I hardly notice the flavor of chlorophyll. Maybe its because I dilute it with enough water that I can't taste it. I figure by diluting it with water, I'm getting the benefits of the chlorophyll with the benefits of keeping up my water intake. My kids like it that way too. We call it green water. I don't know if that will be helpful for pregnancy nausea.

  3. I've never heard of liquid chloraphyll before... Is it just a good source of vitamins? Do you still take it?

  4. Cassie- I took it before and after Isaac's birth because I had read that, taken in unison with floradix, it helps bring up your iron levels and gives you energy. It's also supposed to help repair damaged tissue- which is good after birth as well! I guess I imagine it to be like eating a very condensed form of green smoothie- just the green part! The bottle advertises it as an intestinal deodorizer/cleanser. I've also read it has antioxidant and even anti-carcinogenic properties.

  5. Oh that's cool. I'll have to read more about that. I should consider that for my labor- I'm always needing iron. I think I needed it last time but didn't know it, which explains why I was so exhausted for so long.

  6. I'm on heparin (blood thinner) throughout this pregnancy, so I'm trying to make sure I get plenty of iron to balance. I'm still struggling with vomiting even at 6+ months of pregnancy, so drinking the chlorophyll is a big challenge. I think I'll try mixing it with a lot more water!

    And thank you so much for your advice about cosleeping. It seems like a lot of people do it, but no one wants to talk about it since it's 'so dangerous.' I really like Dr. Sears' attitude about it.

    My mom coslept with me for years but she thinks my husband is going to roll over and squish the baby. Our tiny five pound cat sleeps between us and we don't squish her, so how are we going to squish a baby? Besides, I think the baby will be sleeping closer to me anyway, since I'm the food source!

    I love, love, LOVE this blog. I quote you all the time to people asking about my pregnancy. I especially love where you pointed out that Mary had a UC with Jesus! I think she's a pretty great example to follow. :):)

    Thanks again.

  7. Thank you for the kind words! It's always nice to know someone's reading and liking what I'm writing!


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