Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dinner Fail

So yesterday I was making up a new recipe based on something Katrina once said to me and it was going to be AWESOME. I was going to take pictures and share my new delicious dinner. It was perfect and I put it in the oven and then turned to find that I completely left out a key ingredient. So you aren't going to get this recipe yet. And this is what it looked like taken on my phone:

It was yummy and I look forward to all the leftovers, but it's not yet where I'd like it, so I'll try again.

Yesterday was also fun because I showed Margaret how to take pictures with my phone. She got 140 pictures- and only 15 were of my butt! Wordless Wednesday tomorrow?

I had a few people link to me yesterday. Thanks to the new readers who found me via HoboMama, fMh, and The Exponent!

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