Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Give a Toddler a Camera

Like I said yesterday, I taught Margaret how to take pictures on my phone. And in 10 minutes, she took slightly less than 150 pictures. These are from the first 20 or so. She went around taking pictures of things that are important to her.

I was her first subject. She caught the beginnings of some pre-menstrual acne on my chin there. I get to look forward to the actual menstruation later.

She went into the bedroom and woke up Isaac. We have a sequence of pictures starting from him being asleep to these ones. He's a pretty happy waker. And he loves his sister.

Then I heard her say, "I'm going to take a picture of my foot." And look, she did! There's another picture of her left foot, just in case you were worried that she favored one over the other.


  1. Very sweet. :) My son hasn't figured out how to take pictures yet, but he does love phones!

    Margaret sounds like an adorable munchkin.

  2. awww, i was hoping to see one of the ones of your butt. ;)
    My kiddo started picking up the camera a little before he turned 3. He took pictures of his feet, his water bottle, his shoe laying on the floor, the TV (with his reflection in it), and yes, pics of me. He never got my butt though!!

  3. No one needs to see my butt! But now I feel for her- her face is right at butt-level. Poor toddlers! The world is so cruel.

  4. Wow! She's good! I wouldn't have expected her to be able to capture in the viewscreen what she wannted to take a picture of. That's me: underestimating children yet again!

  5. Kee-yoot! I still have pics on my camera that my 6 year old took before I came to CA. ::le sigh::

    Life is so good!


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