Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Happy Sleep

I just thought I'd gloat here because I can. After a week of sketchy sleep because of teething, I've had 2 great nights of sleep! Woohoo! Isaac's teeth are still not in, so I know the end isn't as near as I'd like it, but for the moment, they are giving him a break, so he's giving me a break as well.

In fact, both of the kids are suddenly acting beyond their years in their half-unconscious states. Instead of screaming at me in her sleep, if I'm facing Isaac and Margaret wants to nurse, she'll pat my shoulder. This is wonderful. And sometimes she'll say, "Breast, please." Usually, though, she forgets to say that until she's already latched on and so she'll latch off, say it, and then latch on, which is funny to me.

And Isaac has taken that same page out of Margaret's book and if I'm facing her and he wants to nurse, he pats me on the shoulder as well! What happened to my 6 month old who fusses for me? I don't know, but he's acting like his almost-3-year-old sister, which is wonderful. Since both kids are being "polite," night nursing isn't such a chore and I get more sleep. In fact, I'm getting such great sleep that I'm having my weird dreams again, which is fun. Without my weird dreams, it's not worth it to go to sleep.


  1. I think I'm at the weird dreams stage of pregnancy. The other night I dreamed that I had to give my cat back to a pet store, despite the fact that she's a rescued stray. I was crying in my sleep!

    Then last night I dreamed that the aliens were here and we were at a beach (even though I live in the Midwest) and they were making the humans do "Survivor" tv show type competitions to see who would the aliens would kill first. I refused and said, "It's okay, I'm going home to God." The aliens were mad that I wouldn't participate. I woke up terrified.
    I like the funny dreams better than the sad and scary ones!

    When my endometriosis was really bad, I used to have labor dreams every month from the painful contractions. When I was first pregnant and worrying about the baby, I had several lovely, gentle birth dreams. I really liked those! I think they were a gift from God, some reassurance that the baby was okay and would eventually be born.

    I'm so intrigued that Margaret is polite in her sleep. What a sweet girl!

  2. That's so adorable how Isaac has started mimicking Margaret! Your kids are so cute. And I'm glad that you are getting better sleep! :)

  3. That is so cute. My daughter has a naturally loud, deep voice and sometimes she startles me out of sleep when she says, "Dis, dis" (nurse, nurse).


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