Monday, February 21, 2011

Inquisition Monday

Last week Arual asked, "I am curious how you handle diaper changes. I really want to respect my 16 month old's bodily integrity, but diapers is one of those things that can't just be ignored. I am trying to be a part-time EC-er but he has little interest in sitting on the potty or having me hold him over a receptacle, so diapers are where we're at. He hates changes. Sometimes he'll request them, but more often he throws a kicking, screaming fit. How do you cope on this particular issue?"

Fun times! When Margaret was that age, we did a couple of things. We did partial EC as well, and at that age, it meant that Margaret didn't wear diapers ever. Yes, we had lots of misses.

Another thing we did was to make a game of it. We would ask, "How big is Margaret?" and then raise our arms. Eventually, she started raising her arms as well and then we would tickle her. Since her arms were up, she wasn't trying to get away, so we could get the diaper on (it had to be quick!). That seemed to work as well. By that point with the ECing, Margaret was pooping in the potty probably 95% of the time, so we didn't have to deal with wiping toddler poop off her butt in large quantities, so I'm going to be know help there.

Also, I don't know if you saw, but a couple of people responded to your question in the comments of last week's post.

Dionna asked, "Have you tried nursing during a hair wash?"

No I hadn't! What is wrong with me? I will definitely need to try that!


  1. I don't even know how to start EC with a toddler, but you definitely don't want to push it.

    I think I did only vertical diaper changes for an entire year, usually while my toddler was distracted playing. He did almost all his poops in the potty, too, so I'm no help with bottom wiping, either.

    I guess you could try letting him go diaper free, and if he pees or poops direct him to the potty (I'd keep a few of them around). Then after he's gone, you know he won't need to go for a while, and you can slip the diaper on whenever he's distracted or feeling cooperative.

  2. First of all, thank you for responding. :)

    Secondly, my main problem is that it's a lot harder to manage EC while attending school full time, at best. I do occasionally let my son roam around the house (which is almost entirely hardwood floors, which makes for easy clean up!) but no matter how often I say, "Pee is for the potty!" (in a pretty excited voice, too!) he doesn't really seem to respond. I'll keep working at it.

    Thanks again. :)


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