Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Board

I've mentioned before how the 100 Hour Board and the prospect of becoming a writer for that influenced the creation of this blog five and a half years ago.

It's sad that I left BYU with my dreams unrealized.

But in the last 2 weeks, I've officially answered 2 Board questions for my friend, Marguerite St. Just!

Question 1 about living green at BYU and in Provo

Question 2* about mamacloth

Whew! Now I won't go to my grave never having answered a Board Question! Glad I don't have to haunt them later!

*For the record, the last paragraph of my response originally said, "But anyway, it's probably magic or a tithing blessing. Or the Eco-god's blessing on my vagina every month for switching to cloth. I don't know," but apparently the Eco-god is too offensive. I probably should have said "Eco-goddess."


  1. Huh. I would have thought it was the word "vagina" that got it cut. Despite it being the correct terminology, it's been cut before.

    (Also, congrats on getting two answers on the Board!)

  2. LOL. How strange to censor that part of your final comment :)

  3. Tianna, I didn't even think of "vagina" being the issue! I guess I was thinking, "We're talking periods here, and I'm using 'medical' terms like 'menstrual.'" So I didn't even think "vagina" might have issues. Have I been out of Provo that long?

  4. this line was still hilarious even with the edit: "But anyway, it's probably magic or a tithing blessing. I don't know. But if you want to be known as the PhD student studying re-useable menstrual products, go ahead and solve the mystery for us!"

  5. Definitely a double whammy with both "vagina" and Eco-god. You should have Provo, I don't think even "lady parts" and Eco-goddess would work! lol. Maybe you should have stuck with "Good things happen to my privates when I switch to cloth." Although that sounds infinitely more sensual! :D

  6. Awesome! I love your responses.

    And I'll have to give cloth for myself a try when I finally start flowing again (may it be many more months!). I've always hated the idea of the chemicals in the products, and what your friend says about "plugging it up" makes sense, even if you're using organic cotton and all that.
    (though when I mentioned this possibility to my husband a few weeks ago, his face told me that he was getting a bit worried about all these bodily fluids not going in the garbage ;)

  7. Oh, oh, oh, I love mamacloth.

    These things are like.. like.. a minky blanket. But for your lady parts, as someone put it.

    And yes, my period has shortened significantly. Who knew?

  8. I could not do cloth, at least not without a baby in cloth diapers, the idea of putting them into the regular laundry just grosses me out for some reason.

    I did use the diva cup though and I LOVE it. Like really really LOVE it. No mess, no fuss, shortened periods and less cramping.

    Right now since I'm pregnant I don't have a period, but I plan to order the size two diva cup (for women who've had babies) after the birth for when my period returns, because I seriously love that thing.

  9. I also have a diva cup. Fantastic product, especially if you want to swim, run or, you know, do much of anything during that time of the month.


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