Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Haircut with a No Poo Update

 On Monday, I got a haircut. It was the first I've had in 15 months. In those 15 months, I've been trimming my hair as it gets long. I had a pixie cut and I didn't want it to grow into a mullet. I'm sure you all understand that.

I went to Florescence in Berkeley. A friend from church recommended it to me. What's wonderful about them is that they use natural hair products.

In fact, when I sat down in the chair, Jennifer asked about my hair routine and what my hair does, I responded, "I've been doing No 'Poo for almost 2 years."

Her response, "Wondeful! I don't have to give you the natural hair product spiel!"

Nope, you don't!

She asked me about my routine and I told her I use baking soda and vinegar. She responded, "Well, I don't have baking soda, but when we wash your hair, do you want vinegar? What kind do you use? White or apple cider?"

So wonderful! She washed my hair with ACV and a little bit of something else. I think it was PHYTO. I don't remember. She gave me a wonderful scalp massage and my felt so good. I apologized for the oils in my hair- it had been a while since I'd done a really good wash and not something quick, but her response was, "Oh, I'm not afraid of hair oil." She was going to add conditioner to my hair, but after feeling it decided it wasn't necessary. My hair has gotten used to life without conditioner, so it just didn't need it.

She gave me some tips about No Pooing: do an ACV rinse before your baking soda and again after the baking soda to protect the hair. I've switched from a spray bottle of diluted ACV to a peri bottle with full-strength ACV. I squirt on what I want and work that through my hair. Peri bottles are so useful!

She also confirmed my suspicions that if you rinse your hair out right after sweating, that's enough. Remember last fall I got a shampoo bar because of my sweatiness from running? Well, I didn't like the residue it left in my hair and I've stopped using it. Her confirmation that sweat is sterile and can just be rinsed away while it's still wet was a relief! Of course, if you don't shower right away, you should probably do something more, but I run in the mornings and take a shower right after before I get dressed for the day, so it's all good.

Other pluses: nursing babies are welcome. In fact, their site says that because it's a private salon, people who prefer privacy (like nursing mothers) are very welcome. Margaret played at a friend's house. Isaac played on the ground and nursed. Unfortunately, he kept pulling at the cloth that was catching my fallen hair and ended up getting hair on my breast and in his mouth. Poor boy!

It was probably the most expensive haircut I've ever had, but since my haircut record is only one a year, I'm ok with that. I love the new length- my hair was on my neck driving me crazy and I love that my face doesn't feel so hidden.


  1. Oh man the hair on the neck! It is driving me crazy!!! I can't wait to get it cut again!

  2. jamie c1:00 PM

    Hi heath, it's Jamie from LLL. Cute 'do. What did hubby think?
    Cool blog!

  3. So, do you use a boar bristle brush, or not, because your hair is short enough that the oils don't need much help getting down the shaft of hair? I have been struggling with my no-'poo-ing. I want to so badly, but I haven't gotten a good routine for getting my hair care stuff -into- the shower. (I can't just leave it there like I do with honey for my face.) But, we have switched over completely (meaning hubby, too...cause the little ones don't really get their hair washed) to shampoos that don't have SLSs, phthalates or parabens. And I only wash my hair every two or three days.

    Your cut looks good. I am growing a pixie-ish type cut out right now...trying to avoid the mullet...wondering if I should just cut and stay short for the rest of my life because the grow out stage is so horrible!

  4. Hi Jamie! McKay likes it! I think what he likes most is that I like it and feel good in it. :)

    Mallory- I do have a boar bristle brush, but I don't use it. McKay uses it more than I do! I'm also using it on Margaret's hair because it seems gentler than a comb. And congrats on that progress! I jumped right into No Poo from shampooing daily, so my transitions stage was ROUGH. I think you'll have an easier time. One thing I keep on finding is that I've always been afraid of using too much ACV because I'm worried it'll make it too oily, but what I really need to do is use more! I'm thinking of cutting back to using ACV and baking soda twice a week and just rinsing with water the other days.

  5. hey! i no 'poo also, but i literally don't use anything.
    i did baking soda and acv for a few months but then stopped.
    now i just use a boar bristle brush and my hair feels great!

    and your pixie cut is great! i miss my short hair sometimes!

  6. Cute hair! I can't stand hair on my neck either. After having it short for several years I grew mine out just to see if I would like long hair again, but I never did get used to it being on my neck and so always wore it up. After a while I figured what's the point of long hair if I never wear it down, so I went back to a pixie.

  7. Hi , Its me again.:) I love your hair . Its a great look for you.. I have another question for ya. Me and my husband are adopting a baby in August . Keep your fingers crossed for the birth Mom to go through with it. Anyways I am nursing Hadyn and she is 20 months old. I want to nurse my new adopted baby .Do I need to take supplements to nurse a newborn ?? Since I am not giving birth I will not have colostrum .. Is that bad.?? Is there something to make my milk better for an infant?? Also how soon before the due date should I take supplements ?? You are so awesome and I love your blog. Thank-you so much :))

  8. P.S I only wash my hair every 7 days :))

  9. Okay. You've finally got me interested in No Poo. My hair is currently short enough to handle the transition better I think. I don't know though, I really like washing it every night and sleeping on clean smelling hair, and it really helps my seasonal allergies. But I think I should at least give it a go. All our hair care products are natural and biodegradable already, but I would really miss my lavender essential oils.

    I have heard that ACV helps keep blond hair from getting brassy from mineral build up though. That alone might get me on board as my hair gets an orange tint from our hard water.


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