Tuesday, March 08, 2011

IWD 2011

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It's International Women's Day again! Party on, my sisters!

Last night Margaret and McKay "hid" from me and I creeped up to get Margaret. When I came into sight, Margaret hid behind her eyes as I crawled up to tickle her. Her defense, "Mommy, we're girls!" or in other wards, "Don't get me, we're on the same team!" She's right, I know. We are girls and we all are on the same team. I always add that we love girls AND boys and Margaret will tell me during the day, "We're missing a boy!" referring to Daddy.

But yes, we're girls. We're on the same team. Let's not fall over fighting amongst ourselves.

There are some great events in the city today, but I can't really get involved with those sorts of things at this point in my life. Kids and all.

So today I'm going to don some purple and spend some time being a girl. And I'm going to finish up my first donation to Talents of Sisters. (Sorry I haven't gotten the stuff to you yet, Courtney!)

Talents of Sisters is a non-profit etsy collective and store and it's making its debut today on International Women's Day. After reading Half the Sky and wanting to get involved in the movement, Courtney, who also blogs at The Exponent, wanted to get involved in helping girls and women secure money for education, safety, health care, etc. But like many of us, she's a mom who doesn't really have the ability to give up weeks and months at a time to go travel and physically be with and help the women worldwide.

But what can she do? Craft. What do I do? Knit. So she came up with the Talents of Sisters and is hoping that individuals and Relief Societies will contribute homemade goods to sell through etsy and earn money to donate to the organizations and groups who can be out there where we can't. If you already have an etsy shop, you can sell items with the "Talents of Sisters" tag. If you don't, the item can be posted in a group shop. What can you donate? Anything you might sell on etsy! I'm probably going to go with the knitting, but if you sew or sculpt or paint or carve or make jewelry or whatever instead, then do that!

So this International Women's Day, that's what I'm up to. I hope many of you can join in and get your friends involved as well. Our Relief Society will be reading Half the Sky this year and I'm hoping to get our quilt group and knitting group in on this! I'm really excited about this!


  1. Thank you Heather! Your support means the world to me, and I think it will make a difference in how much we can raise for women. Each person counts if we're going to really change lives, and you are a great example of the impact of one person. You do so much with your various talents to raise awareness and support women in general. We all have talents to contribute, and I'm so glad you're sharing yours!

  2. I just put the Half the Sky book on hold at the library. Maybe there is something I can do, too. Thanks for this post.


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