Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I wasn't going to blog again until Monday because I'm busy de-cluttering and cleaning, but I had a story to share.

It's rainy today. Very rainy. Pouring. Drizzling. Everything in between. Oh, and windy, too. It's been like this all week, so the children have been restless. We had a couple of books due back at the library today, so we decided to venture out into the rain today.

Margaret was wearing the same dress since Monday; I insisted on long pants under it and socks and shoes. I asked her if she wanted her jacket or her poncho and she chose the poncho. Isaac was wearing a long-sleeved onesie and I put on him some leggings and socks and tucked him up close to me, warm in the mei tai. I was wearing long sleeves and since I'm pretty warm blooded in general, I skipped the jacket this time. But even I wore shoes and socks. Like I said: rainy.

We went down to the library with the books to return and a few other things in tow that I had collected in our de-cluttering this week: old batteries to recycle and some plastic grocery bags to recycle. The library has a place to return batteries, so while we were there, I dropped those off. There is a store across the street from the library that takes plastic bags, so when we were done at the library, we ran there. A few times we had to pause and huddle under the umbrella for gusts of wind. I carried Margaret across the street because the gutters were full of running water.

When we got to the store to recycle the plastic bags, I noticed a woman there asking passers-by for a little something "for the homeless," she said. I've seen her there before and she has approached me about her 2 sons and herself needing money. I usually reply that I don't have cash, which is normally true, but today I happened to have $5 in my wallet. After putting the plastic bags in the recycling container, we started walking towards her and my mind was busy with thinking, "Should I get my wallet out? It is very rainy and cold." As we got closer, I heard her ask the people in front of us for money. Then we got there.

She looked at me, with Isaac in the mei tai and Margaret "helping" me hold the umbrella. I was wondering if we should just go by quickly because in the process of stopping and getting my wallet out, fumbling, still holding the umbrella, we would get soaked. After looking us up and down, she spoke.

"Pff...your little ones without jackets!"

Ah. Right. Everyone's a critic.

At least we all had socks.


  1. I just went and read your socks post. I'm curious who won the knit socks for best comeback? (i liked the whiskey one myself...)

  2. Emily won for the dramatic made up story. :)


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