Thursday, April 14, 2011

Earth Day books

Yesterday at the library, once again, I saw a couple of titles that Margaret didn't pick out, but I thought liked the titles, so I threw them in our bag.

The first was Berger's OK Go. To be honest, I saw the name, thought of the band, and figured hey, what the heck. When we came home and read it, it looked like a book about cars, but then it turned into a commentary of the drivedrivedrive lifestyle and is about slowing down and being kind to the environment. Aww... and just in time for Earth Day next week! Also, Margaret loves the gogogogogogogogogogogogogogo page.

The second one I completely expected for it to be hippie dippy. I picked it up because the words "tree huggers" were in the title. Atkins' Aani and the Tree Huggers is based on a real event in India in the 1970s. What I didn't expect from this book was for it to make me so happy I cried. Either I was really emotional yesterday when I read it or it is a great book.

At the end of OK Go, they have suggestions for more books to read about saving the earth. I think when we go to the library next week, we'll see if some of those are available. Happy Loving-the-Earth Reading, everybody!

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  1. We recently got the book, This Tree Counts, which goes through the numbers 1-10, showing different kinds of creatures that live in and around trees, then talks about what can be made with wood from trees, and ends with kids planting 10 more trees to be the main tree's friend.

    I've also read good things about this book:

    Might be a little over our kids' heads yet though. I want to look for that one at our library.


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