Monday, April 11, 2011

Inquisition Monday: Swim Diapers

Lisa had a question last week, " I was just wondering if you knew anything about reusable swim diapers, good brands, how well they work, that kind of thing."

Good question, but I don't think I have a particularly awesome answer. The first swim diaper we bought for Margaret when she was 2 months old was from Target and I don't remember the brand name; it wasn't there the next year, though. It was blue and I can't seem to find a picture of her in it! Darn.

Since then, we've just used whatever old pocket diaper without the insert.

The point of swim diapers is to keep poo from getting out. Both cloth and paper swim diapers allow pee to get into the water and using regular diapers- whether paper or with a cloth insert, would just fill up and  be heavy.

Some say that the chemicals in pools will adversely affect the ability of cloth diaper covers to be waterproof in the future, so we've only used a cover that we don't care too much about. The one in the picture above was bought second-hand and wasn't particularly water-proof anyway. It just needed to be poop-proof.

I've heard of some public pools turning people away if they have cloth swim diapers on their kids, but it's never happened to me and with cloth catching on, I'm hoping that'll be a rumor of the past.

Anyone want to chime in on the swim diapers they've found to be affordable and effective?


  1. We used Kushies swim diapers. They are only 10 bucks each. Same price as getting a bag of disposables but you can reuse. It works well. Like Heather said, they just hold poops in, and not pees. So usually I held my son over the toilet before we got into the pool (we did EC) because once on the way to the pool he peed all down the front of me haha.

  2. I went looking for a reusable swim diaper on Amazon. This was the first one that came up:

    It works awesome. we went swimming at least once a week and it took her almost a year to grow out of it. It was still in great condition so I just handed it down to a smaller cousin. Just keep in mind that like you said, swim diapers aren't designed to catch pee.

    I'm going to by her another one to use this summer.

  3. We do the same thing you do. We just use a pocket diaper sans insert. It works just fine. :) Although I do agree about the water proofing.

  4. We bought the Finis swim diapers for our boys:

    Like you said, they're just to catch the poo and all swim diapers let the pee go through. These do the job. Wish I had known about cloth swim diapers before ever buying a pack of disposable ones!

  5. We bought Miles two Imse Vimse swim diapers. He wore them as little Speedos and looked adorable in them. Now that he's potty trained, we bought him a couple regular suits from Target. The Imse Vimse are on sale now for super cheap, would be a great time to scoop some up.

  6. The two pools in my area check for the disposable dipes. They wouldn't let us in without them :( I have always just used my bummis whisper wraps.


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