Friday, April 01, 2011

A mostly eco-happy Birthday Party

On Wednesday, I had a picture of Margaret and her birthday cake with her friends. I thought I'd share what we did for her party last weekend.

First, she had very specific instructions for me: a square (rectangle) blue chocolate cake with one blue candle. Blue became the "theme" for the party. We asked everyone to wear blue!

Because I wanted to avoid as much food coloring as possible, I made homemade blueberry muffins (actually blueberry orange muffins), served blue corn chips and the leftover blueberries and had grape juice. I didn't find bleu cheese dip like I wanted, so the chips were plain. The cake frosting was colored as were the sprinkles, but since Red #40 is my main dye issue, I let the artificial dye slide this one time.

I went to the East Bay Depot of Creative Reuse for the streamers. Sorry we don't have pictures! It was just a partial roll of basic blue paper streamers. Recyclable! We did use plastic plates and cups (do they make colored paper plates?) so we had to recycle those as well.

When the kids first came in, I had some homemade edible play dough out for them to play with. It was a simple recipe: white cake mix, a stick of butter, melted and dyed, enough water to make it play dough consistency.

Another thing I picked up at the Depot for Creative Reuse was crayons. You can buy crayons by the pound! Margaret helped me gather up a couple of handfuls of crayons in various shades of blue. The night before the party, McKay and I peeled the paper off of them and at the party, the kids broke them up and put them in our silicone mini muffin tray. Five minutes at 350 and then 20 minutes in the freezer and we had round blue crayons!

Party Favors
One of my biggest pet peeves of children's parties is all the candy and plastic little toys that get lost in the car on the way home or are thrown away the next day. I wanted to make sure the favors were actually useful, so each child took home some of the edible play dough, two crayons that we made, and a knitted blue ball in a recyclable brown paper bag they got to color. It would have been better if I had sewn some fabric bags, I know, but I didn't have time.

So that's how we did a somewhat "green" blue party! The kids love it and we'll be able to improve on it in the coming years. Margaret had fun and Isaac got to play with lots of people.


  1. So, thought I'd throw this out there, but all the running you've been doing is really paying off. You're looking really thin! Way to go!

  2. Great party!

    Did you know that red cabbage can make a natural blue dye?

    We buy natural food dyes from chefmaster

  3. Thanks AnnEE. I still feel a little lumpy around the middle, but I guess that's expected. I think I have somewhere between 10-15 to go before I get back down to where I was before Isaac- and I gained 70 pounds with that pregnancy!

    MooMama- And we had red cabbage from our CSA last week! ARG! Should have looked it up. Alas.

  4. I was actually thinking the same thing as AnnEE.

    Also I love all the little details to make her birthday special without going over the top.

    I have seen colored paper plates, but you usually need to go to a party store, so you know for next time.


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