Thursday, April 28, 2011


We've been drowning in our CSA greens lately, and stir frying everything was getting old, so this past week, I've been trying new recipes.

On Sunday we made tzaztiki (recipe here) to share at an Easter gathering. I've been eating the leftovers for lunch all week. Yummy tzaztiki! I think I went a little overboard on the lemon juice, though. There's quite the zing.

We were still overrun with chard after that recipe, though, so after googling "what to do with too much chard" I found a pesto recipe. This is now going to be my go-to recipe for when we have too many greens. I learned anything green can be pesto! And it freezes! I'm so happy. Last summer, a lot of our greens were wasted because we couldn't eat them quickly enough! Pesto!

After the pesto, for almost 24 hours, our house was chard-free. Unbelievable. Then our CSA box came again yesterday. What has our $20 given us this week?

1 bunch of Asparagus (3rd week in a row!)
1/2 pound of Braising Mix (do I hear more pesto?)
1-1/4 pound Potatoes (soup!)
1 bunch of radish (2nd week in a row!)
1 bunch of Chard (pesto pesto!)
2 heads of cauliflower (plus the head from last week we haven't eaten yet)
1 bunch of spinach (green smoothie? pesto? salad?)
1 head of lettuce (hugest head we've ever gotten! Yay for sandwiches and salads!)
1 bunch of fennel (hugest bunch ever)

We were still drowning in all our leeks (7 stalks) and carrots from the 3 previous weeks, so last night, I shredded enough carrots to make 2 cakes later for McKay to take to work (I'm cutting back on my sugar intake). The rest of the carrots have been peeled and cut into sticks for teething and snacking. Some leeks will go with the potatoes for soup. The rest of the leeks will become toppings for our pizza tomorrow, additions for scrambled eggs (my main breakfast), and whatever else. We also have a ton of green garlic to through on a pizza and in eggs and soup.

I have a fennel salad recipe that I tried a few weeks ago and it rocked all kinds of socks, so when I make it again, I'll take a picture and share it with you all. I know this isn't a food blog, so I don't blog our recipes often (and I'm terrible at remembering to take pictures!), but my world is so full of wonderful food right now I almost can't not blog about the food we're eating.

Today's plans: after spending some time outside, I'm going to make lots of pesto and that fennel salad. We have run out of space in our fridge. Luckily, we are doing so well in the food realm that grocery shopping tomorrow will be easy: eggs, a couple of cups of milk, and maybe some bread, if I don't feel like baking some myself.

Happy eating! I'm so glad the growing season is upon us. We have a small cup containing basil and there's a possibility we might move to a new place in a month where we can garden!


  1. Awesome! I'm glad you found some great ways to use all those greens! I'll definitely be trying that pesto recipe! It finally occurred to me recently too that when I'm drowning in greens, I can blend them up, freeze them in ice cube trays or whatever and add however much I want into green smoothies later.

    We use the Bountiful Basket co-op as many weeks as we can (it sells out supa-fast around here) and we've been starting to drown in produce as well. I was very proud to finish off a few different things yesterday and we've gotten to try some new recipes too. It's so fun to find new yummy foods and have that satisfaction of eating healthy food and not letting it go to waste!

  2. Thank you for this post! It's perfect timing as I've got a huge rainbow chard plant that I can't keep up with in my garden. My kids are about to rebel if they hear "don't forget to toss in some chard!" Again. But, they love pesto! And being able to freeze pesto? Brilliant. I'll be picking that chard into submission today

  3. Question (since you have some fennel experience): there's wild fennel growing everywhere here. Do I need to dry it out before I make it into a tea? If I cook it, do I cook the bulb part? Is there a bulb part?

    What's your fennel experience?

  4. I like to use chard in frittata. You can also lacto-ferment (aka, make pickles) from the stems, just google that one. Leeks I love to just cut them into thin slices, caramelize in butter and serve as noodles. For cauliflower, I used to hate it but now I enjoy using it as a "rice" (grate and steam) and also mashed (steam and mash) "potatoes". Pureed it makes things very creamy. I also really enjoy cauliflower ginger soup.

    I tell you, going low carb has helped me eat more veggies than I ever have and I am loving it!

  5. Please send me your fennel salad recipe!!! I want to feature it on NPN, ok? Cool beans. *B


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