Thursday, April 07, 2011

Truth is... Thursday

A friend of mine does "Truth is..." Thursdays and I think I'm going to try it, at least for this week.

Truth is... it's easier to be patient with babies than toddlers.

Truth is... this baby, though, has the most pinchy fingers ever. He inherited that from his father.

Truth is... my ovary is in explode-mode. It doesn't make evolutionary sense for your most fertile time to be so painful. Good thing I don't want to be pregnant right now.

Truth is... I stayed up last Friday night on purpose in order to exert my "I'm an adult and I can stay up all night if I want to! Other 25 year olds do it and I can too! See! I'm not an old married woman!"

Truth is... I was subsequently tired all day Saturday and Sunday and had to nap with the babies Monday to make up for it.

Truth is... I never do April Fool's.

Truth is... we rarely celebrate anything. Ever. It's too much work. I'd rather just cuddle with everyone than decorate or go out.

Truth is... Margaret colored on my large drawing paper today because I was feeling the "look at all the other happy bloggers with toddlers and homeschooling" guilt. Flashcards! Memorization! So we colored and it made me feel like I was doing something.

Truth is... Margaret is a perfectionist and won't actually color because she can't do it as well as she'd like to. I feel like I did this to her, though I'm not exactly sure how. So I made her choose her colors and subjects herself and left her alone in the room so she could fully be herself with her crayons.

Truth is... it's mostly scribbles and the mom-guilt came back because my daughter isn't drawing anything that's recognizable like "all the other kids."

Truth is... I mentally tried to explain the scribbles away as "modern art." Look at the composition! The color choice! The depth of pigment here! The curviness there!

Truth is... I didn't want to write those last two truths because I'm afraid someone is now thinking, "Ha! My kid is better at drawing than her kid is."

Truth is... We hung up the pictures on the wall and Margaret was so proud and said, "When Daddy comes back, I'm going to show him and say, TA-DA!" (and she did)

Truth is... none of this will matter when she's 16.

Truth is... I have more anxiety where that came from. I'm not even mentioning the things that have occupied my mind all day.

Truth is... I'm spending the evening working on a funny photoshop picture instead of doing the dishes and vacuuming while McKay is out.


  1. um yeah i don't do anything "schoolish" with asher either. and i feel guilty about it too sometimes. what i really feel guilty about is that i've never taken him to story time! gasp!

  2. I can TOTALLY relate to your "mommy guilt". I have a friend who's toddler (only a month older than Bug) who can recognize letters and numbers! Bug cannot. He is just now getting to the point where he knows they are "letters"...even when they are numbers. And he always points to them and says, "B, S, B, S". I wish I could just ignore the developmental milestones of everyone else's kids! (Bug doesn't draw anything special either.)

  3. My son didn't care for coloring as a preschooler. The two little girls in our preschool co-op would sit and color and color , and my son would basically take his crayon, brand his page with a Zorro "Z" and be done and off playing something else. This last year that has totally changed. He always draws during "choice time" and says he wants to be an art teacher when he grows up. You never know. . .

  4. I can't tell you the number of 4-5-year-olds that I have met over the years who couldn't "draw pictures." Everyone grows differently, and each child chooses different areas to progress in; unfortunately, some are more visible than others and are more likely to be compared.

  5. Why would Margaret need "school" right now? You're doing fine. Just so you know, my Henry is five and just now has started kind of creating drawings that look marginally like SOMETHING. No worries. :) Banish the mommy-guilt.


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