Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm not blogging.

I've just set up 6 posts in my queue to blog. Just the titles and links to remind me of what I wanted to say. Because I'm trying hard to not blog right now and work on packing and cleaning instead. See? Look at me not blogging! I'm so elegant at it!

But thanks for the comments and emails I've gotten in the past week or so! Sometimes I think I've got nothing new to add to the Bloggosphere and that I should take a long break, but you all remind me why I love it. I've been reading all your blogs as I nurse babies down to sleep, I promise!

Our official move date is next Saturday. Then we have to see how Internet is going to work in our new place. I really wish I could blink and everything would show up in our new place instantly. Or click my heels.

In the meantime, I'm missing out on wonderful things like the Maker Faire this weekend! Alas! But we're not going to miss the Zombie Apocalypse Saturday night. Pictures for that will be forthcoming. Oh- by the way, anyone know how to make homemade face paint? I need zombie colors like white and flesh-falling-off reds and greens and black.

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  1. Moving is the most stressful thing ever to me! We will have completed our second move as a family this weekend. I never want to move again! It is amazing how much stuff a handful of people accumulate in a few short years, especially if one of them is a toddler. I haven't been blogging either and although I miss it, I need the mental break. I have been so stressed out over the move I may need a full week to recover!


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