Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Green green everywhere

We're still in the unpacking stage and I haven't found my camera cord, so all the pictures in this post are from my phone. And since the house is in disarray, all the pictures are from outside. It's been overcast and cloudy for the past week or so, but check out some of the features of the yard!

Overgrown grapevine arch. The grapes are supposed to be jelly grapes. I also want to read up on grapevine pruning for next year because this arch is a little ridiculous.

Citrus trees. There are three new little citrus trees that need constant watering, so Margaret and I are going to make sure they stay hydrated.

My basil. This was in a cup in our old place. It's graduated to a pot and will get to go in the garden once it's a little bigger. Right now the ducks are eating all the seedlings, so it's not safe for the basil to be there.

Figs. There are two fig trees in the back yard and it's almost fig season! As soon as these get droopy, they'll be ready!

The garden. You can see the compost pile in the back there. Because California has a year-round growing season, as we harvest what's there, we'll be able to plant new vegetables.

Ducks. They usually stay in their pen, but are let out on rainy days so they can eat the snails and slugs.

Blackberry bushes.

Walnut tree. This will make a big mess later this year.

There's also an apricot tree and I think I remember the landlord mentioning plums. As soon as we finish unpacking, I'm going to read up on the growing seasons out here and start planting!


  1. Wow! What fun to have so many edible plants. Did the ducks come with the house?

  2. Yes! The landlord takes care of them, so we don't have to worry about them.

  3. It's beautiful!! Seriously a dream home. You luckies!

  4. You NEED to read "Farm City" now! Go! Run to your library! I promise you will love it!

  5. Oh my amazingness! You found the greatest place to live ever!! I love that you have the convience of the ducks, but don't have to care for them! And I'm so jealous you have fig trees, My grandma has a row of them in her backyard in So. Cal. and I always loved eating them fresh off the tree!

  6. I have to say I'm a little jealous of the figs.
    Have fun in your new place. :)


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