Thursday, June 02, 2011

Moving in

We've moved! But I can't find my camera cord; it's still in a box. So no pictures yet. This week has been quite busy.

Packing packing packing. Margaret throwing up with residual food poisoning from Thursday when she couldn't keep anything down. Spent the evening arranging furniture and boxes so the move into the truck would be easy.

Moving day! Got the truck, loaded it up. I spent the time making sure small children weren't squished. We had a lot of great help and we are very grateful. When it was time to be done loading the truck, mastitis hit- my breast was sore and had clogged ducts and I was suddenly fatigued. The stress and my activity made me forget to nurse regularly. I spent the unloading time directing where things went and praying I'd get some time to take care of myself. When everyone was gone, I nursed Isaac and Margaret in various positions to work out the clogged duct, massaged it, and lied in bed. Our landlords wanted to do a dinner together, so I mustered up strength for free dinner (we contributed asparagus from our CSA box). At the dinner, Margaret threw up again, the first time that day. I think the stress of moving was causing her tummy to stay upset. Also, we weren't eating very well.

Mastitis was overcome. No more chills, fatigue aches, or fever. My co-teacher was out of town for the long weekend, so despite my tired state, I got myself to church. It was just Isaac and me because we weren't sure if Margaret was well yet. I finally started helping McKay unpack. With the mastitis, I had left it all to him on Saturday.

Spent the morning cleaning the old apartment out and figuring out how to transfer our Internet over to the new place. Went to the Apple Store and Ikea for a few things, but I'm going to have to take them back today. Internet worked in the evening! Woot! Oh, and Margaret threw up in the parking garage at the Apple Store. And I went over my new local yarn store. While I was gone, Margaret had diarrhea**, so McKay called frantically looking for me and I had to cut my yarn store shopping short. I did take advantage of the sale, though. No worries.

Woke up to Margaret having peed the bed. And nightmares that included weeping angels. I had a hair appointment at noon, but because of Margaret's lingering upset stomach, I had to cancel the babysitting I had scheduled. McKay came home to watch her for my appointment during his lunch so I wouldn't have to cancel my appointment. It's nice and short for the summer! I'd show you but I don't have my camera cord, remember? And a friend of mine came over with her two kids and the kids hung out and fed snails to the ducks in the back yard. Big accomplishment of the day: books in the bookcase!

Planned on going to the park, but it started raining as soon as we stepped out the door. Margaret went on a hunger strike and refused any solid food until she got to go to the park- so she finally had some bites of sandwich around 5:45 that evening. Seriously. I had a scheduled Skype call at 2, which went for 2 hours. And I did the laundry finally (see peed-in-bed above). Got the CSA box for the week (yummy!) and also did some quick grocery shopping (eggs and milk). Big accomplishment of the day: organized the pantry.

Today was going to be a big day in one of my volunteer capacities, but I got a call last night saying I wasn't needed because the work I was going to do was accomplished already. I'm glad that all worked out. So I think we're going to go to Ikea to return the area rug and shelves we bought on Monday. They don't actually work in our new place. I also need to try to find a 2mm crochet hook so I can finish my lace shawl in time to enter in the county fair next week. I've paid the registration fee, but I need to bind off, block, and the take it to the county fair people by the 10th.

That's it. I'm going to start posting regularly soon. I'm still catching my breath!

**ETA: McKay remarks, "Monday when Margaret had diarrhea, she was also throwing up. And that had happened after Isaac woke up screaming."

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