Friday, June 17, 2011

Splurging on Pine Nuts

I very rarely buy pine nuts because of how expensive they are, but last week, I came across the opportunity to use two recipes with pine nuts in them, so I went out and bought some.

The first was purple carrot cake. I didn't get a picture because we ate it all up so quickly!

Purple Carrot Cake alla Romanesca You can get the recipe at the link, but for grocery list purposes, the ingredients that aren't normally in carrot cake were: purple carrots (yay CSA), pine nuts, and mascarpone cheese. The recipe says to use a 9x9 pan, but I think it makes enough for 9x13. McKay had to modify the icing recipe; I'll come back and add that on when he gets back to me about those details.

We also made pesto. I don't normally use pine nuts in pesto, so it was fun to use a "real" pesto recipe. I just used a basic pesto recipe and used our greens instead of basil and real pine nuts! Then, because we're kind of getting sick of all the pesto around here, we tried something we haven't had in a long while: twice baked potatoes with pesto. The potatoes were from our CSA, as were the greens.

This morning I went out to pick blackberries from our bush. I was only able to get 6. Most of them aren't ripe yet and/or out of my reach. I hoping to make jam and pie. Yum! Happy eating!


  1. How do you make pesto withOUT pine nuts? I'd love to see that recipe!

  2. You can use walnuts instead, but my DH is allergic to walnuts. We use this recipe for turning any green into pesto and it is nut-free:

  3. Looks delicious! And how exciting for your blackberries to be starting to ripen!

  4. Thank you so much for the recipe link! I'll have to make some pesto soon.


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