Monday, June 20, 2011

While I wrote this, a meltdown happened because I wouldn't play with the horse puppet.

I was going to write a deep, reflective post today, but instead I locked myself in the pantry so I could eat Oreos and get away from my kids.

You know how a week ago, I wrote a post about how I didn't get very touched out because of the three hour naps? Yeah. We're on day 4 of no naps for Margaret and I am so very touched out that I just locked myself in the pantry again so I could blog. Go ahead and judge me.

I need a game plan for the afternoons. And I need my me-time. I'm not used to needing to entertain a 3 year old for an extra 3 hours every afternoon. When am I going to knit? Blog? These things are important for my personhood and recharging my batteries and resetting my touched-out-o-meter. When McKay is home, finishing his thesis and needs his spare time to be child-free, so that means mine is child-filled. When is my me time going to happen? Oh you know, after the kids fall asleep at 10:30 (Isaac goes to bed at 8/8:30, so it's mostly Margaret). Because it's not like I need to sleep any time.

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Oh crap. My alarm on my phone is going off which means I have to open the door of the pantry and stop hiding so I can turn it off. That and Isaac is trying to open the door.

And now I'm in the kitchen. Why is it that as soon as Margaret stops napping, Isaac did too? He needs to sleep so much, but he won't go to sleep. And food has not been good for his butt. I'm taking him off solids because he got a terrible diaper rash. I was thinking, "He's almost 1, we can do more foods!" but that's not working here. He went from pooping once every 36 hours to 4 times in 6 hours with a bad rash that smelled really yeasty. We going to re-introduce solids slowly again to figure out what he's being sensitive to (probably milk and wheat). He's only allowed raw foods right now: carrots, peas, etc.

On the plus side, we did go out to a playdate today, which Margaret had a melt down at. Wait... that's not a plus. The melt down means she's overtired, but she won't go to sleep. Isaac's walking, that's a plus. Or is it? And despite my desire to lock myself away, I haven't locked the kids away or used the TV today. That's good, right? Probably not since it means I haven't gotten a break.

This piece of non-coherence is brought to you by a really crappy night's sleep. I need to go lock myself in the pantry again. There are Oreos there.


  1. I feel for you! I hope you're able to figure out some me time as well as sleep! Sleep not just for you but for Isaac too! I have no advice as you are a far better parent than I and I'm so not going to attempt to encourage you to plug them into some tv show as I do!

  2. My sympathies. Or is it empathy? I can never remember. Either way, I have a two year old who I can barely keep up with and can't imagine what personal purgatory I will be going through when we eventually add a second child. I love infants. Tiny babies who want nothing more than to be held and sleep all day. Toddlers... terrify me.

  3. You just nailed a big reason I haven't been blogging much...or doing any projects...or much reading, etc for a while! With a 3 year old who doesn't nap anymore I have to entertain from 5:30/6am to 8:30-9pm...Then in order for me to get 9 hours of (interrupted) sleep I'd have to go to bed at...wait...8:30pm...

    Soo....if I got enough sleep (and never put on movies or locked myself away at the computer for a few minutes), I'd never have *any* me-time. So I check my email, catch up on blogs, go to bed really late, and still haven't done any blogging myself. hah...

    Sorry I'm not really offering any advice...I can just empathize. ;)

  4. ((hugs)) to you! I spend just two days w/ my 2 yr old and I'm ready to go back to work for a break.

    So Margaret is three. Is it time to look into a pre-school or part-time daycare to give yourself a break? My daughter loves daycare because there are all kinds of fun toys, books and playmates. She gets to do messy crafts I don't like to do at home.

    Even if I didn't work I think by this age I would want her in daycare part-time just for the interaction she gets because I know I wouldn't be able to keep up with her for days on end.

  5. HA! I could have written this myself. Sorry, I have no words of wisdom for you. Just a cuddle and a prayer that it will pass for both of us soon.

    No wait... I'm thinking of inviting one of the young women to come over and do some paid playing with the kids so I can catch a break. It'll be okay because I'll still be here. And getting some time to myself. I might offer some tuition instead of cash. We'll see how that goes. The plus side of that is hopefully that they'll be more open to my style of parenting. and I won't feel so awkward about showing the way we do it here like I might if someone older took the kids to look after for a while.

    I hope that helps!

  6. get the chocolate dipped oreos. they work much better than plain oreos.

    it will get better, eventually, really it will!

  7. I think this is my favorite post of yours ever, lol. I can just picture little fingers poking around under the door frame........

  8. Thank you all! It's amazing what a little sleep can do for a person! Everything looks better on this side of the night! And the babies took simultaneous naps today!

  9. I totally just got a sick pleasure out of reading this post, because I was all like, she's a cylon, her life is too awesome, and now I'm like, oh, good, she totally has down times like other humans, she must not be mechanical after all, and also, she likes Oreos.

    I have finally realized that my house always looks like hoarders live here because when I have free time, I'm not going to spend it folding laundry, I'm going to spend it crocheting or writing or freakin' taking a shower by myself. That's the trade off for me. These young years are hard. It gets a lot better when the babies are old enough to interact with their sibling because then they play together. In the meantime, it's pretty much a rafting trip down devil's canyon. Hang in there, mama. You're not alone.


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