Thursday, July 07, 2011

Checking In

We got back from a vacation a couple of days ago and I'm just checking in. We've have a sick toddler and McKay has been working on his thesis, so I haven't had computer access to blog.

Vacation was good. We went down to Monterey and Morgan Hill. The Monterey Bay Aquarium uses a giant baby bottle and gives the amount of milk a newborn whale drinks in terms of baby bottles, so I made sure to fill out one of those comment forms about how imagery that equates babyhood with bottles contributes to a culture that disapproves of breastfeeding and negatively impacts I mean, come on! Whales are mammals and their breastfeeding rates are probably near 100%! And children go to this museum and it just reinforces baby=bottle and a new generation grows up not considering breastfeeding as an option. I didn't have room for all that on the comment card, but you know. I'll follow up with an email with actual links to the WHO Code and the affects of bottle imagery on our culture and babies. I also thought it was strange to use a giant plastic bottle to represent milk, especially when their environmental and conservation exhibits are against plastic. It's eco-friendly to breastfeed! Especially for whales.

Poor Margaret had a hard time keeping anything down the past two days. I threw up twice early Tuesday and she didn't keep anything in pretty much from Tuesday morning until Wednesday afternoon. We nursed and nursed and nursed and nursed and also froze some electrolyte drink for her to eat as popsicles. She wouldn't touch it when we offered it to her as "juice that will make her tummy feel better", but she was all about the popsicles. We think it was heat exhaustion, but it could have been food poisoning or a bug- a few of our nephews had upset stomachs on the trip as well. She's acting well now (knock on wood!) so we might go to the library today. Maybe.

I little to no motivation to do anything today. I have emails to catch up on (sorry if I haven't responded to you yet!) and laundry to do. And there's a baby shower this weekend I should knit something for. And I need to finish my other knitting projects and write a few letters like the above to write: our hotel is not off the hook when it comes to lactivism, either. A polite letter requesting non-Nestle food items in the breakfast area and to buy behind the counter needs to get out. I don't know if it's that particular hotel manager's choice or if Marriott has a deal with Nestle. I googled and couldn't find a connection, but I haven't had enough computer time to do a thorough search.

So we're back and as always, I'm activist-ing. If I have time, I'm going to try to upload photos to our family blog later.


  1. I love that you wrote that comment about the bottles! I'd probably just roll my eyes and walk away.

  2. WIC in Pennsylvania contracts solely with Nestle which means that low income families must use the Nestle formula or forfeit the benefits. I wouldn't be suprised if this is nationwide.

  3. I'm sorry but what is so WRONG with Bottle Feeding?? With my first My milk did not come in for many Health issues that I suffer and I had no choice but to bottle feed, I still Held her in my arms and both my daughters NEVER Learned to hold a bottle Because I was the one that always did it. They are Perfectly Healthy in fact My Oldest is NEVER sick.
    I feel bottle feeding is just fine, as long as they are being fed and still held, The Formula now days is pretty much just as good as breast milk! I'm so sick of people looking at me when my babies were small thinking I was such a Horrible mother just because I was shaking up a Bottle!

    With all do Respect Breastfeeding is NOT always the better choice, Its how our babies are being taken care of especially now days.

    I feel women should have an open Choice on how they want to feed and not be Criticized or looked down upon. My Girls wouldn't have a clue how they were fed... Whats most important they have a good balanced nutrition in their home And I love them and they KNOW IT!
    We are all trying to be the Best Mommies we can be!

  4. There's nothing wrong with bottlefeeding- it's the imagery of the bottle. As much as we'd like to think that advertising and imagery do not affect us, they do- otherwise no one would advertise! The WHO Code was created to address the issue that bottle imagery does, in fact, reduce breastfeeding rates. ( It's a huge issue all over the world and is very complicated from simple imagery to the laws set in place protecting pumping and nursing mothers at work or in public, to what support we receive in pregnancy and postpartum. This post isn't about that- I have a lot of posts on the sidebar under "breastfeeding" I'm sorry if it sounded like I was looking down on your choices. I'm trying to raise awareness and improve the opportunities and support for women to breastfeed, not push people down. It wasn't my intent to do that at all.

  5. Thank You, Although it wasn't a choice for me because of my health and no milk I didn't have a choice but the bottle feed! This is why it makes me sad. I feel its a women's choice on how they want to feed their baby and I'm okay with that, it just hurts to read stuff like that especially when I had no choice! Although I read studies on the best Formula and I always held them ALWAYS!!


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