Monday, July 11, 2011


This weekend we picked 20 pounds of plums (more on the way!). Five pounds of them have become jam. I think I'll make some more jam, freeze others, and eat some fresh. I also picked some blackberries. I'd like to make jam from them also, but we'll see- they tend to get eaten quickly!

I went out this morning and harvested celery, mustard greens, zucchini, broccoli, and a fennel bulb. The broccoli is a little late, but we'll still throw it into a salad. The fennel has gotten really big, so I don't have a lot of hope for it tasting very good. There are still a couple of fennel bulbs out there and I'll get them later. We need to figure out what to put in their place. I'm thinking maybe some arugula or beets. I'd also like start seeding some winter vegetables in pots to transfer in a couple of months. Cauliflower? More broccoli?

Here's our line up, starting with lots of celery and the broccoli.

Mustard greens, fennel, blackberries

Zucchini, half our plums, and a jar of plum jam. We've made 11 pints so far.

We are really drowning in celery- did you notice that? Anyone want some celery?


  1. I would love some celery! I freeze mine for green drinks ;) *B

  2. dehydrate or freeze the celery :) it goes great in soups :)

  3. Apparently I have California-envy. That's a great harvest. We finally read a county Extension article this year (Our 5th Summer) about why it is so hard to get things to grow in this part of Kansas. We have a short cold growing season, followed by a short hot (and they mean HOT)growing season, followed by another short cold growing season. So basically never enough time for things to go through the whole process. I love experimenting with fall gardening (in a hoop house)--We'll give it one more go this fall, then hope for a better climate the next place we move.


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