Sunday, July 31, 2011

World Breastfeeding Week 2011

Yesterday, McKay and I went out to donate blood for an Interfaith blood drive. While we were waiting, a group of women came in and saw Margaret and started chatting with her. Margaret introduced them to us.

She pointed at McKay, "That's my daddy."

She pointed at Isaac, "That's my Isaac."

She pointed at me, "That's my mommy."

She touched my chest, "That's my mommy's breast."

Laughter ensued and the women looked at me and asked, "She was breastfed, wasn't she?"

"Yes," I replied.

How's that for an introduction?

World Breastfeeding Week starts tomorrow, August 1 and goes through next Sunday, August 7. Our local breastfeeding community is putting on a lot of events. Two of the local LLL groups are having parties. The local county breastfeeding coalition is hosting a public health event with speakers and food, focusing on "Local Strategies to Increase Breastfeeding and Health Equity in the African American Community" on Tuesday. On Thursday, there is a Breastfeeding Walk, and on Saturday, there will be a local get together for the Big Latch On. If you are local (East Bay) and want more information, email me- my email is in my Blogger profile, and if you aren't local, see if you can find what your community is doing this week for World Breasetfeeding Week. The theme for World Breastfeeding Week this year is, "Talk to Me! Breastfeeding- A 3D experience." If you can't make it to any special events, then just talk to the people around you about breastfeeding, or blog, or whatever. It might be surprising, but I don't often talk about my work and efforts in the breastfeeding community here so I think this week, I'll look for opportunities to share the breastfeeding love.

As far as my celebrations here on this blog, you are all in for a treat. I'm going to do a position-a-day! Every day this week (and maybe into next- after all, it's National Breastfeeding Month), I'm going to post a picture of me breastfeeding. There will be the usual positions: football hold, cradle hold, side-lying, but also some more fun ones and tandem positions.

Happy World Breastfeeding Week! And party on!


  1. I can hardly wait until my son is talking so I can hear all the cute things he'll say about nursing. I hope I'm lucky enough to get the level of adorab-ility that Margaret gives you. :)

  2. LOL, love it, Margaret!

  3. Did you go to the gathering in Sacramento about this today?

  4. Something I just saw on online news:

    “There are numerous health conditions associated with formula feeding or early discontinuation of breastfeeding,” said Cria Perrine, CDC epidemiologist. “National studies show that 80 percent of pregnant women say they want to breastfeed and 75 percent start breastfeeding. So, this is not an issue of education, it’s an issue of support.”


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