Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Autumn Tree

I said on Friday, I'd post what we did for the equinox on Saturday and I didn't. But I am now!

Inspired by the Tree of Thanksgiving, I decided to have an autumn tree. I actually won leaves made by Lynn in the Rhythm of the home giveaway! Friday Morning, Margaret finger painted with red and yellow and I used the leaves we got as stencils and traced some more to add to our own tree. I also plan on using leaves that we find on the ground for this tree. Our grapevine in front makes a beautiful large red leaf that I think will work beautifully.

Every day, we let one leave "fall" to the bottom. We're definitely going to need some more, but I'm hoping that by Thanksgiving they'll all have "fallen" and then we'll be able to decorate the bare tree with paper ornaments as an Advent calendar. And then when spring comes, maybe we'll add a flower or small leaf to the tree each day and use big green leaves for summer. I think that will be fun. Margaret loves the tree, too. Isaac likes to run off with the "fallen" leaves.


  1. This is very clever! If I didn't have the advent stockings I made last year, I would totally do this. Now I'm wondering if I could still incorporate a tree of some sorts.


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