Saturday, September 17, 2011


8 am We are finally all awake except for Isaac.

9 am. Kids playing in the living room.

10 am. Heading to the park.

11 am. At the park. For some reason, people leave toys at all the parks in the area. Isaac played with this car for quite a while.

12 pm. Margaret eats lunch.

1 pm. I was blogging Thursday's day.

2 pm. Isaac went to bed and I did some cleaning in the kitchen.

3 pm. Living room in its cleanest state all week. I had people coming over in the evening, so it had to look presentable.

4 pm. The mailperson came and brought us Nursies When the Sun Shines. I could have used this about a month ago, but with Margaret's new bed, our night nursing is getting better, so we don't actually need it now. I'm sure our local LLL will need it. Margaret does love it and asks me to read it a lot.

5 pm. Pizza dough started. Every Friday is pizza night. I don't know why the kids are over there.

6 pm. Dough rose and now making the pizza.

7 pm. No picture. Eating pizza.
8 pm. Isaac and I. My friends came over, but I didn't want to take a picture of every one because I didn't have everyone's permission. It was a Mormon feminist discussion group. Very fascinating discussion about what feminism looks within various religious paradigms: Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Catholicism, various Protestant sects, Bahai, etc. Isaac is playing with his toothbrush in this picture.

9 pm. You can see some of the feet of the party here. Isaac went to bed shortly after this.

So that was Friday. Margaret wore a new shirt. :)


  1. I'm loving all the kidlet pictures. I can't get enough of Isaac's hair!

  2. Margaret also wore shoes! I think this is the first day I have seen pictures with feet in shoes (I didn't go back to make sure). It's been a while since you have mentioned this. How will you live this as we change seasons? What did you do when you lived where there was snow?

  3. I am absolutely loving seeing that the people that I admire live normal lives. :-P

    Also, I'm amazed at how many projects you can get done in a week!


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