Sunday, September 11, 2011


This month, this blog turns 6 years old. I cannot believe that. I considered taking some time off to relax from this blog, almost like "and on the 7th year, she rested and called it good." But when I told McKay that, he laughed and didn't think I could do it.

And I woke up this morning and realized I really couldn't. First, I've been blogging even before I knew what blogs were. There was a morning one summer when I was a teenager- I believe it was 2002- when I woke up and had an opinion essay in my head and I had to get it out. It was 6am,  I wrote it down, and then I went back to sleep. And while it wasn't ever on the Internet and I'm sure that entire essay has been thrown away, it would have been blog material, if such things had existed for me at that time. But they didn't.

Second, I had an idea. After reading the post about Pinterist on The Exponent and the subsequent comments, I thought about how the things that make the blog-cut are often the shiny, polished parts of our lives. But also, I believe there is a lot of backlash against that and an attitude that if you do have that sort of polished blog life, then you're a huge faker and not a "real" person. But behind every moniker is a real person and that person absolutely has polished and unpolished parts of their lives in varying amounts depending on the day/week/month/year. And well, I wanted to show you my week this week. There will be polished parts because sometimes (and I won't lie) I am downright awesomesauce. And sometimes (again no lying) I am at the end of all my ropes and need to just hide for a few hours.

I have absolutely no idea how much awesome or how much awful will be in the next week, but I'm going to share it all with you with my camera phone. Every hour on the hour, I'll snap a picture and give you some insight into my life. Yes, it will be awesome. Yes, I will probably have a meltdown or two, usually around Thursday or Friday.

Sunday is an easy day. Here we go:

7 am. Reading my email from my phone in bed.

8 am. Margaret is impatiently waiting for me to put her other shoe on her. Eggs on the stove. On my mind: getting the bag ready for church, making sure we all eat. Listening to The Round Table's August podcast while doing this.

9 am. Waiting for church to start. We usually start about 7 minutes after the hour. Check out Isaac in that beautiful sweater vest! You can't see, but there are owls knit into it.

10 am. Third talk of the meeting. On my mind: Should I leave early to set up the nursery room? Also, nursing a baby.

11am Nursery class coloring.

12 pm. Cleaning up the nursery room and saying goodbye to the children. No picture because I was busy.

1 pm. Eating a cucumber salad for lunch. That's a cucumber in my hand.

2 pm. Relaxing. McKay fell asleep there. Margaret is watching Wall*E. Isaac is napping. I am playing on the Internet.

3 pm. Finished a bag for Margaret. McKay went to sleep with Isaac in bed. Wall*E is still on.

4 pm. Dragon Tales is now on. Margaret is making faces. I'm working on a gift for a baby shower I'm going to next Saturday. I also just remembered that we need to wash diapers, so they are soaking. McKay and Isaac still sleeping.

I finished the baby shower gift at 5. Here it is not finished in cast the recipient reads this blog.

6pm Post-dinner table. Grilled cheese and cucumber salad for dinner. The genius who made the meal plan (me) wrote "something food" for Sunday night. So we had something very food-like.

7pm. McKay reading to Margaret. Isaac playing. I did some dishes.

8 pm watching Hello Dolly!

9 pm This is what the camera phone captured as I played Words with Friends while nursing Margaret to sleep. Do iPhone have a flash option?

10 pm. Writing this post. Taken by the webcam instead of my phone.

Like I said, Sunday is an easy day. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

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  1. Hey cool, someone else also wrote about how long they've been blogging. I've been going for four years. Had I known blogs existed before that, I would have been doing it sooner. Before that, I just journaled a lot, and wrote stories and poems.


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