Monday, September 19, 2011

Inquisition Monday: Week in Review

I got a few questions over the course of last week's hourly picture posts, so here I am answering them!

Arual asked, "What do you use for a diaper pail?"

In the comments, I responded that we use a flip lid kitchen-sized garbage can. We use it as a dry pail and every morning we wash the diapers. I thoroughly rinse out the diapers before putting them in our can, so there isn't poop or anything on the inside, but just like I try to regularly clean out the insides of our garbage cans, I like to clean out the pail, so that's what I did on Tuesday!

Kate asked, "Are you no longer co-sleeping with Margaret anymore? I saw she has a big girl bed now. :) If not, could you (maybe as an inquisition Monday) go through how/why you gave her her own bed - as in, was it your choice, hers, etc., and the transition to that?"

Margaret does have her own bed, but does come into our bed often. Her bed is right next to our bed, so when she wants to nurse at night, she'll climb into bed with us and nurse. Sometimes she goes back to her bed, sometimes not. There wasn't anything big and important that spurred the choice to get a bed. I had been thinking about it off and on, but wasn't really going to get her a bed. Then, one of McKay's coworkers asked if we'd like a bed for free; we'd just have to pick it up. We figured it wouldn't hurt, so we got the bed. The first couple of nights she didn't want to sleep in it and we didn't push it. On night 3 she wanted to sleep in it, so I lied down with her and nursed her to sleep in her own bed. Very quickly, her night nursing went down from every 2-3 hours to once at around 5 or 6 in the morning. She loves her bed and she got to choose the bedding herself. It also gives us a little more room on our bed, which is nice. And she's still in the room with us, so we're still technically co-sleeping, though not bed-sharing all night with her. When she gets older and wants her own room, we can move her into the office/craft room, which is right next to ours.

Sara asked, "I think this is the first day I have seen pictures with feet in shoes (I didn't go back to make sure). It's been a while since you have mentioned this. How will you live this as we change seasons? What did you do when you lived where there was snow?"

Margaret wears shoes off and on and I don't stop her. If it's something she wants, then she gets to wear them (except on the bed and couch). It's a lot like hats: she'll have a hat on for a few days because she LOVES it, but then will stop wearing it when the novelty is gone. I will sometimes bring shoes with us when we go out if I know the park will have wood chips or something like that. Sometimes she'll ask to wear them, but even at wood chip parks, she'll often decide she prefers being barefoot.

When we hit the rainy season, I'll keep shoes with us, but I found last year, that rain is a wonderful way to keep your feet clean when you're out and about! When we were in Utah, she had shoes, but a lot of the time I would wear her in a sling and just put socks or booties on her feet (or not) and so she didn't really need shoes very often. I had a pair of mocassins for her, which are now Isaacs, that gave her feet lots of movement and protected them without hard soles. In fact, I'm considering getting myself a pair.

Lactating Girl asked about the owl I knit for the baby shower. A link to the pattern's Ravelry page is on my knitting blog. The pattern is free and very easy to knit.

What I learned from this week: I have a surprising amount of down time that I never noticed. And yet, I'm not going to jump in and fill it up. Nope. Margaret's lack of naps is wearing me down thin. I took the kids to the zoo this morning and the whole way I was regretting because I was just wanting a day at home. But I promised Margaret and we didn't stay more than 2 hours, so we're ok.

I'm fully surprised I didn't have a meltdown last week. That's usually par for the course for me once a week. I tried very hard to give you all an accurate version of our days as far as busy-ness/laziness ratio went and I avoided doing things just because you'd all be seeing it. Last week was 100% what I would have been doing had I not been taking pictures for the Internet. Or 95%. I'm sure there was some influence that I couldn't avoid.

Also, about the breastfeeding basket, I also usually include a small packet of tissues, but I forgot to buy some when I was out at the store. If you are planning on making one for a baby shower, that might be something you could add. Or not. I didn't and the breastfeeding police haven't busted down my door yet.

And when I eventually finish that PacMan sewing project, I'll share a link here. And I need to do a Halloween costume for Margaret sometime soon. She's going to be a "black and green and pink" butterfly.


  1. My sons feet are resilient enough from not wearing shoes regularly that he runs through wood chips as if he had some on. He does have some leather soled shoes for attending church with my parents or if he feels he needs them, but he hasn't worn them much all summer.

    Thanks for the answer on the diaper pail, by the by. I've just been using wet bags and it's wearing them out more quickly than they ought.

  2. Thanks for linking me to the pattern! Once I get talented enough to actually read a knitting pattern, I'll figure it out. :-P

    Also, your diaper pail sounds a lot like ours. Though I'm not nearly as good about washing them regularly and I certainly don't wash the pail as often as I should.


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