Monday, September 12, 2011


Mondays are pretty easy. I don't normally have anything planned, so I actually get things like housework done. At bare minimum, I clean all the toilets and little potties every Monday.

6 am. Went back to sleep after seeing my running buddy cancelled on me.

7 am. Taking a bath with Isaac. On my mind: are the diapers and toilets going to be done before McKay goes to work? Where do I even start?

8 am. Breakfast. Margaret with a slice of our Crenshaw melon from our CSA. I also took a quick breastfeeding-related help call before 8 this morning.

9 am. Kids playing. I'm on the computer being feminist-y on a discussion thread. You know why.

10 am. I've been doing chores (toilets! dishes!) and reading to kids and being on the Internet off and on. This is the state of the living room.

11 am. Ironing fabric to cut out shapes for a project I want to start. We've been keeping the pool inside so it doesn't get stolen at night.

12 pm. Isaac is tired, so I nurse him down.

12:30 Sneak peak at the project before I have lunch. I need more materials before proceeding beyond the cut-everything-out phase.

1 pm. Isaac woke up so I was nursing him back to sleep. Margaret joined me and helped make her bed.

2 pm. Nap finished a little too early. Here we are sweeping up the living room so I can mop it for the first time since we've lived here.

3 pm. Living room and dining room have been mopped. For proof, here's the post-mopping living room. Looks a whole ton better from the 10 am picture, no? ;)

4 pm. We were cleaning up the diapers that Isaac pulled out of the diaper box.

5 pm. Isaac has been running around. I've snapped at Margaret 3 times total, so she's watching TV to give me a little break.

6 pm. Cooking dinner. Fajitas.

7 pm. The floor and my knitting (a caterpillar) while we watch the second half of Hello Dolly!

8 pm I nursed a baby to sleep. No picture. Just look at yesterday's picture of black and imagine that here.

In all, a pretty good day. Not overly busy. I only snapped at Margaret 3 times. Mondays are like that, though. We start our weekly running around on Tuesdays, though.


  1. I just have to tell you how cute your kids are and how much I am in love with Isaac's hair!

  2. Are you no longer co-sleeping with Margaret anymore? I saw she has a big girl bed now. :) If not, could you (maybe as an inquisition Monday) go through how/why you gave her her own bed - as in, was it your choice, hers, etc., and the transition to that?

  3. I love Isaac's hair, too! It's curlier when he gets a bath.

    And will do about the Inquisition Monday!

  4. You said you at least clean the toilets on Monday. Do you have a house work/laundry type routine? And how does it go with the little ones. We are trying to have a little more routine house work around here but it's difficult with a two year old and almost 4 month old. (I mean routine in a very relaxed way...)


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