Sunday, September 18, 2011


My every-hour-on-the-hour alarm is not set for weekends, so Saturday's pictures are more sparse.

8 am. Stripping the beds and doing laundry. For the first time in a while (maybe ever?) Isaac's nighttime diaper wasn't able to handle a morning poo and we had to wash everything. Of course, he had gone almost 48 hours without a good poopy diaper, so it was going to happen eventually.

9 am. Getting my basket ready for the baby shower. I try to give a breastfeeding basket, full of everything you might need on hand when you're stuck under a small child who is nursing and/or fell asleep and getting up is going to be a problem. In this basket, I gave the Womanly Art, nursing pads (actually some Bamboobies I  bought when they had a sale during World Breastfeeding Week), lanolin, juice, snacks, a pad of paper and a pen, a knitted baby hat, a knitted toy owl, and information on local LLL meetings.

10 am Margaret really wanted to be there when I gave the basket to my friend, so she came with me to the shower.

11 am I was at the shower and 12 pm we were leaving. No pictures of those times

1 pm. McKay sitting on the couch. He did all the laundry while I was gone with Margaret.

2 pm. Isaac is up from his mini nap and I'm working on a mitten for Margaret. So many ends to weave in! I'm not actually happy with the project, but Margaret is excited, so I'll do it for her.

3 pm. We have kids.

4 pm. And they watch TV while I blog. McKay was gone at this point for the Priesthood leadership session of stake conference.

5 pm. Margaret eating dinner.

6 pm. McKay is home and the kids are happy. I left at 6:30 for the adult session of conference.  I had the hardest time figuring out what knitting to bring with me to conference and I had to come back and get my yarn after I was already part way there. But I can't go to stake conference without my knitting. That would be blasphemy.

7 pm. Look! Knitting in my lap at stake conference! The world is good.

8 pm. Rest hymn. Conference was actually really good. It started off with a bang: a talk on not conforming (and not judging those, including ourselves, who don't conform to whatever we thing they/we should), a talk on single parenthood, a talk on patience, a conversion story, and a talk on sharing our excesses with whomever lacks. Plus 2 hours of uninterrupted knitting time.

9 pm. On my way home. Dirty windshield!


  1. Two things:
    1. Why are your family/self pictures so gorgeous? I always appear red and puffy looking. Your day to day looks so beautiful.
    2. As a non-mom, I think your basket would totally rock to receive. It looks warm and cozy and makes something that kinda scares me look not scary. After attending many showers, I think many people need this basket of comfort and support.

  2. I am rather enjoying this series. Your breastfeeding support basket is a great idea!

  3. I LOVE that little owl toy! How did you make that? I'm just barely getting into knitting, but maybe I could eventually pull off cute little toys like that. :-P

  4. I wish I had gotten your breastfeeding basket, it is super cute and really would be handy.


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