Friday, September 16, 2011


6 and 7 am. Too tired. Slept in.

8 am. Small people running around.

9 am. On the way to the grocery store. Actually, that's a lie. This was taken sometime after 9:30 after buckling them in to go home, but I forgot to snap a 9 am picture. Margaret is definitely eating something full of sugar.

10 am. Margaret decides to finish her breakfast. Whatever she doesn't eat, I leave out for her to graze on all morning.

11 am. At the park, getting ready to go to the farm.

12 pm. Look, goats! Notice how Margaret is far, far away. She didn't want to get anywhere near the animals.

1 pm. Back at that little park for a picnic. Isaac tries to get to the water fountain. He literally stood on that little step for 20 minutes trying to get to it.

2 pm. Isaac fell asleep on the way home and transferred over to the bed for his nap. Diaper next to him waiting for him to wake up! Also somehow has my keys next to him.

3 pm. Margaret plays board games while I write an article to send in to a magazine. Unfortunately, not the one I did research for the day before. That would make me look productive. This one was completely different.

4 pm. Still asleep. I finished up that article before 5 and afterwards, I was dead tired. But it was one of the best things I've written in a long time. It's like my writing mojo came back for a 2 hour period just to leave me high and dry and unable to stay awake even while knitting.

5 pm. State of the living room.

6 pm. State of the kitchen.

7 pm. Playing with Daddy.

8 pm. I snapped this on my way to go nurse Isaac down.

I was so tired, so I fell asleep shortly after 9.

Also, nobody comment on the fact that Margaret has worn that shirt 3 days now.


  1. Lol!!! my son wears the same shirt day after day unless he gets it wet then insists on taking it off. Glad we aren't the only ones.

  2. Lauren8:24 PM

    I'm from the bay area and I went to the little farm many times as a child. Gotta love Tilden Park.

  3. LOL about the shirt. It's not like they get their clothes all stinky anyway.

    Looks like a busy day. Nice about your article!


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