Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Margaret was up way too early this morning, so we had our share of toddler meltdowns today. She has dropped her nap, which means bedtime is easier, but the day is pretty miserable when she doesn't get all her sleep.

7 am: Up and at 'em. Reading a book while Daddy showers.

8 am Done with her oatmeal, Margaret puts her bowl in the sink. Diapers are soaking.

At a little before 9, Margaret started stripping and asking for a bath. Then Isaac started signing "bath" and saying, "Ba! Ba!" So they took baths.

10 am. Trying to get them ready to go to the store for a few things for a baby shower gift this Saturday and some projects I'm working on. We keep the pool inside on cold days.

11 am. Back from the store with blue fingers and faces from candy. Margaret is too good at sharing while I'm driving and can't stop it from happening.

12 pm. This was a baby hammock for Isaac's newborn pictures. Now it is a toy hammock. Right before getting lunch ready.

1 pm Walking from the car to the park. Isaac fell asleep in the car and napped for the bit of park time.

2 pm Awake!

3pm Found a boy's scooter.

4 pm On the way back to the car, we run into a little yellow fuzzy caterpillar. (left and bottom in the pic)

5 pm Margaret watches TV while I catch up on a few emails and relax. Not feeling 100% but ignorable.

6 pm. Not feeling well, so McKay is doing dinner.

7 pm Nursing a baby. He was having naked butt time this evening because of all the sand in his diaper from the park.

8 pm Margaret gets ready for bed by going potty.

All meltdowns today were on the childrens' parts. I happened to squeeze in some time for spraying out the compost bin and diaper pail. Also got some knitting time in at the park.


  1. I am jealous of your delightfully short hair.

    Also, what do you use for a diaper pail?

  2. We just use a flip-top kitchen-sized trash can. We wash diapers every morning in our hand-crank wash (see pictures of the kitchen!)


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