Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Human milk for human babies.
Nectar for butterflies and bumblebees.

Since it might be hard to see: Margaret was a butterfly, Isaac was a bumblebee, and I sewed flowers on my shirt and cut a slit in it to nurse. :)


  1. See, nursing costumed children is totally normal! We were out trick or treating and I was nursing Hazel, though covered with a blanket cause I'm not comfortable with my breast out completely (elastic neck peasant top, I just pull it down) and a friend from the ward whispered to me "are you nursing?! Wow, the things we do for our kids, this one is sure for the journal!" and I was like, um, is this not normal to feed your child when hungry no matter where you are?! I didn't say it though, cause I just can't fathom that it would seem a journal worthy even that I nursed my infant cause she was hungry while we were dragging her around with her sisters for them to get candy........I figured you could appreciate my "huh?" moment over that.....

  2. Awesome! Very clever.

    Last year I made a long blue gown, but put invisible zippers in over the breast seams so that i could open it up to nurse. :)

    I loved my babywearing kangaroo costume too.

  3. That is so perfect and clever that I really wish I had thought of it! I wonder if my son will be nursing next year. He is one and this year we were pirates together - I did slip my boobs out of my corset top to give him some milkies in costume & character before we left the house!


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