Monday, October 10, 2011

Inquisition Monday: What do you like?

I've been in a blogging rut lately. Life is happening and blogging isn't keeping up, and I think that's a good thing, but I do love the outlet that blogging gives me.

So for Inquisition Monday, I want to ask all of you, "What do you like?"

Do you like life updates? Friday Fill-ins?
Do you like the tree-hugging natural living things (no poo, gardening, cloth everything?)
Do you like the parenting things (breastfeeding, gentle discipline?)
The activisty things (feminism, lactivism?)
Do you like the birthy things?

What do you want to see more of? Less? I won't be able to comply with everyone's wishes, but it would give me a little direction.

Go to the comments and discuss!


  1. I hear you on the blogging rut. I have been in a BAD one lately! (People keep asking me to update my blog more often. ouch!) I like pretty much all of your posts. I think I like the tree-hugging natural living things the best. With the birthy/lactivism/parenting stuff next (yes, I just combined three things you listed into one!) Life updates are fun (helps me remember that the bloggers I follow are normal people). The fill-ins are less interesting to me, but I'm sure there great for a quick and easy post every week!

    I'm sure I've helped you narrow things down a lot! Ha!

  2. I'm pregnant with my first and my husband and I are pretty committed to making our environment a better place for this baby and future babies (we want 4- easy to say when you only have one on the way :), so I love reading about parenting things, life updates, birthy things, natural living things, and activisty things....

    I realize I just chose most of your list, but honestly those are the categories that I enjoy most :)

    I hear you on the blog-rut though. I am updating throughout my pregnancy and sometimes I am realizing it's getting a bit stale here in the (still early) second trimester. Still trying to keep up with it though! I might enjoy even the stale posts when I am gestating my next one!

  3. I think I mostly like the parenting, activisty, and birthy topics the most. Not that I don't like updates of the kids : )

  4. I like life updates (loved your week of day in the life photos), parenting stuff, and activist stuff - but from your opinion based on your experiences. I think that those posts garner more attention (like your "seen and heard" post) because you're backing up controversial topics with your own personal escapades. Basically, I like it when you stir the pot a bit and get everyone riled up with opinions. :)

  5. I like the activist and tree hugger stuff best, because it gives me ideas about how to help save the earth and I can tell my husband "see, they are doing X and it really works!" I even got him to dig the hand-crank washer!

  6. I especially love getting ideas for stuff to do with Peanut as she gets older. Really though, I enjoy everything. :-D I especially liked the series you did of photos of your real life (not that that's easy to duplicate since it was for your blog anniversary). It was nice to see that someone I admire lets their children watch a movie and doesn't pick up their living room every second of the day. :-P

  7. I'm delurking to say that I just love your whole blog, but especially the lactivism/ personal experience nursing a toddler/kid posts. I thought you should know that your blog is one of the reasons I am still nursing my three year old. I discovered your blog shortly after she was born and though I always knew I would nurse my children to at least a year old, I think I would have cringed if you had told me I'd be (tandem) nursing a three year old. But your blog was the first one I saw that normalized extended nursing. And I think it was just that way you talk about it, share pictures, etc. So keep that up! And thank you for sharing all that you do!

  8. I like all of it (really, I do), but I like the parenting and activisty posts the most.

  9. I am here for the birthy/parenting/activity/nursing posts. I enjoy the earthy/feminist/activist posts, as they always get me thinking. I guess I like it all. :D

  10. I like all your posts. I do like the tandem nursing ones best... Makes me feel like I'm not alone.

  11. I love all your posts! I'm a few years older than you but I feel like you're my big sister, giving excellent advice because you've been there and done that.
    Your earthy crunchy posts give me new ideas for things I can try.
    Your birthy posts inspire me and encouraged me for my first birth this past spring.
    Your breastfeeding posts give me great advice and new things to try. Same with your cosleeping/bedsharing posts!
    Your thoughtful posts (I canNOT get over your post at a different site about going to the movies alone. That one has really stayed with me!) always give me something to think about.
    Your CSA and recipe posts inspire me to try new things. I love pesto but I do not like pinenuts. I want to try your kale recipe!
    I love the life updates - I just read a website about living as a 50s housewife ( and she described her housecleaning system that sounded like yours. I think I'd like to try that - kitchen one day, bathrooms the next, etc.
    The only posts of yours that I don't like are the Friday updates because they're so short! :) I always want more information. What did you learn in church services on Sunday? How do you get two kids and a husband ready on time because I struggle with just one baby and a husband!
    I guess I would also like to see how you budget your time and money. We've lived on one income for five years now, at first while DH was in college and now he's at home while I work. We're in the Midwest where the cost of living is pretty low; how do you manage on one income in CA?


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